Beds And Mattress Guide, Design & Ideas

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We spend averagely around 6-12 hours on Beds and Mattress which is equal to one third of our life. So you need a best bed and mattress which suites you and your body well.

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About Beds & Mattress

The bedroom is an important space in the house where you can relax and you can be totally yourself. It is the most intimate part of your house where you do not like anybody’s disturbance with its tranquillity. You can indulge in some personal hobbies and activities which gives you peace and joy.

Beds and Mattress is an essential component of the bedroom. It provides you with the comfort to either sleep or recline. Depending upon the available room space you can opt the size of your bed and indulge in luxurious mattress. Along with sizes comes a variety of types of beds to cater to your everyday needs and demand.

You can choose a bed for your room according to your needs, like a platform bed with storage or trundle is apt for any bedroom with space and you can structure these simple platform beds into contemporary and voguish beds efficient in storage as well providing a statement to the room’s decor. Bunk, cabin and loft beds are ideal for children. They accommodate three to four kids in a single room with storages underneath as well as beside them. They can fit in full wardrobes or cabinets for easy storage capacities. Loft beds also provide a desk under the bed for easy studying and working of your children. Beds for kids or toddlers can be structured into some amazing cartoon characters or themes. The themes will vary from castles, cars, tents and canopies to slider beds.

Whatever bed type or shape you select the story always ends on a mattress. The mattress provides comfort and an ideal space on the bed to sleep and relaxes our weary bodies. At the end of a long stressful day what we seek is a comfortable and a cosy bed to lie on and release our stress. Now going with these just stress releasing attributes, beds and mattresses are also used for relieving and preventing back pain, circulation of blood and healthy support to the body.

The choice of the mattress can either make or mar your sleeping habits as well as your health. Mattresses like Memory Foam creates a ‘sinking in’ sensation and gives you the benefit of pressure point relief, proper spinal alignment, motion isolation / low motion transfer and resistance to dust mites and allergens. Latex is a natural bedding option. It produces less heat, is natural in its content and produces more bounce. Latex beds are further bifurcated into Dunlop and Talalay, where Talalay gives a more consistent feel than Dunlop.

Hybrid beds are becoming increasingly popular as they tend to combine both the bounce of an innerspring mattress and the comfort and softness of either a latex or memory foam mattress. Adjustable beds are great for people who like to read, work on their laptops in bed, watch TV or people who suffer from sinus, back pain, and snoring. This bed adjusts and reclines and even gives you a massage. Organic mattresses are the ones which use natural latex, organic wool, recycled steel coils and organic cotton. It is apt for people who are environmentally conscious and wants to stay away from harmful chemicals and toxins.

There are a variety of options available to choose the right bed with the right mattress. We help you with as many options we can with a lot of ideas and guidelines to them so that you have a comfortable and healthy sleep. Keep reading to get more information on beds and mattresses and the best ideas to incorporate to make your’s as well as your kids bedroom a happy place to live in.