The Best Baby Beds For Your Newborn – Types, Considerations & Reviews

As a well experienced working mother, while entering in the last months of pregnancy, there are many things or questions we constantly worry or think about with our own bit of happiness and curiosity in it.

Baby Beds For Your Newborn

Out of all these things the question that we ponder over, again and again, is “Where will my baby sleep?” This question definitely kind of haunts all of us all this while as we are certainly unsure whether the newborn will either sleep in it or not, but as mothers, we like to get the best comfortable yet supportive bed for our little love bugs.

Your constant thoughts about your baby being different, with no sleeping issues should be busted now, that yes you too will have to deal with the endless stages of a sleep regression (no offence), that babies go through. To cope up with this and the number of newborn sleeping options available, it is understandable that you would approach this matter with caution or maybe fear.

You don’t need to worry, I will help you know about various sleeping options available with their benefits and downsides so that you go for the best that suits your requirements. I will also list the top 10 beds out of all these so you can choose the right bed for your little one easily.

Types Of Beds For Your Newborn:

#1 Cribs

Cribs are the most chosen newborn baby sleeping option and as per the reports, it is also the safest option for a baby. A crib ensured that there are no wide gaps between the sides of the crib and the mattress. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles and helps you pick a perfect bed for any nursery room or bedroom. The encaged kind of design of the crib ensures your little baby cannot roll over and fall while asleep.


The built of the bed is sturdy and follows safety standards including ASTM International and the paint used is non-toxic. The bed is made of the simple wooden frame but can be actually converted into a day bed or a toddler bed making your every penny invested to be worthwhile and long-lasting.

What I Like About This Bed

  • Variety in sizes and styles making it apt to fit in any nursery.
  • The entire layout of a crib ensures the safety of your little one.
  • For at least six months you don’t need to look for any other bed option due to its easy convertibility into a day bed as well as a toddler bed.
  • Best long-term investment. The child will not outgrow a crib early.
  • It offers your child a comfortable place to drift off as well as protect them from suffocation.
  • Almost all cribs follow the ASTM International Safety Standards.

What I Don’t Like About This Bed

  • It occupies a considerable amount of space if you live in a small house or apartment.
  • It is way more expensive than available sleeping options.
  • The mattress also needs to be bought separately for this bed.
  • The portability of this bed is absolutely nill.

#2 Bassinets

Bassinets are a similar version of a crib with few differences and are also one of the topmost choices by parents when it comes to choosing a bed for their newborns. It is especially for babies from birth to the first four months. They are generally designed with fixed legs or casters.


In layman’s language, it has a basket-like structure with either legs or casters. A bassinet is usually light and portable and is often called Moses Baskets.

You need to take care of certain things:

  1. The bassinet you are looking for should follow ASTM International Safety Standards and a seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association.
  2. The bed should be free of any rough or sharp edges, you should well examine the bed before putting it to use.
  3. The bassinet you select should be manufactured with healthy materials.
  4. The cherry on the top is that if the bassinet is approved of all these considerations and the bedding uses a foam that is CertiPur US certified. This is the best combination you can have.
  5. Carefully observe the reviews of the product you are thinking of to go for.

 What I Like About This Bed

  • A bassinet generally has a hood to cover a part of the bed, which comes really handy during naps at any time of the day.
  • It is portable, so you can have a sight on your baby at any corner of your house without comprising much on your work in the house.
  • A bassinet takes a less space and can fit in any small accommodation.
  • There are also bassinets that slightly vibrate and play music to lull your baby to sleep.

What I Don’t Like About This Bed

  • Babies outgrow bassinets really fast and can be used for about the first four months or maybe less than that.
  • A bassinet with excellent reviews should be picked with great observation.
  • A major issue that surrounds a bassinet is that it is not the number one safest option, as it is the crib which holds this position and takes care of all the safety standards.
  • Bassinets also have a major disadvantage of the weight limit, so you need to be careful about that too.

#3 Cradles

Cradles are a lot like bassinets but an exception to them is that it rocks back and forth in a relaxing way to lull your baby to sleep and are relatively smaller to a crib. It is set typically set in a fixed frame but with the ability of gliding and rocking. They are often placed on a raised surface like a stand or other surface to reduce back strain when bending over to tend the baby.


One thing with the cradle is that it needs to be of really sturdy construction since it has moving parts. You cannot take a chance with the building material of a cradle, it needs to have a heavy and sturdy quality rather than being cheap.

 What I Like About This Bed

  • It is a great advantage for fussy babies. The rocking motion either induces them with sleep or makes them play around themselves in the bed keeping your worries at bay.
  • Most cradles have wheels making them easily portable.
  • You can easily carry out with your household work or browse the internet with a hush! of course with supervision.

What I Don’t Like About This Bed

  • Due to the rocking or gliding motion, the baby tends to roll over thereby increasing the risk of  SIDS, so the one with locked-wheels feature is advisable.
  • You will need to go for baby gear shopping again as the babies tend to outgrow this bed too really quickly.
  • The bed should not be made of flimsy materials and needs supervision.

Important Note: It is advised that that the cradle you opt for should have a locking feature for both the wheels and the rocking motion to eliminate any kind of risks.

#4 Co-Sleepers

Co-sleepers are a really good option for parents who want to bond with their young ones by triggering the sensory proximity and wants to eliminate the risk of SIDS. It is also a really convenient option for new mothers as concerned with feeding and comforting by simply reaching over to the child. The practice of co-sleeping also increases your responsiveness to your child’s needs.


The cot-bed can be attached to the side of your bed or in the middle(not safe). Even the practice of bed-sharing with your newborn is not advisable as it can lead to any health hazard to your baby and even The American Academy Of Pediatrics doesn’t approve of this. The only best option in co-sleeping is to place the bed just by the side of your own bed.

 What I Like About This Bed

  • A most convenient option for new moms for easy breastfeeding and reaching out for comfort.
  • This, in turn, induces more sleep to the baby and the new mom(what a relief!).
  • The cot-bed attachment on the side of your bed is the safest and convenient option for new mothers.
  • A great advantage for mothers who go through C-section, relaxing you through the after C-section pains.
  • Co-sleepers also come with wheels and a removable drop side which makes it easily accessible and portable.

What I Don’t Like About This Bed

  • Co-sleeper beds in the middle of your own bed are not safe and are neither advisable.
  • Just like a cradle or a bassinet, your baby will outgrow this bed too really quickly.
  • Bed-sharing co-sleepers are not approved even by The American Academy of Pediatrics and only the side attachment of the cot bed is advisable.

#5 Playards

Playards or formerly known as play-pens is popular among parents who are tighter on budget and look for beds that are safe, portable and of course doubles as a playpen too. They are made of breathable mesh sides and are really safe if all the locking situations are intact.


Without worry, you can take a bathroom break and do your household chores without your baby fussing around. They sit directly on, or slightly elevated off the floor. They also offer functionalities such as diaper changing stations, bassinets and portable cribs.

 What I Like About This Bed

  • Most playards have breathable mesh sides making it easier for you to keep a watch on your baby lying in the same room.
  • Great for parents who are looking for affordable beds for their baby with increased functionality.
  • It even packs in well, so becomes an easy option if you are travelling or heading for some night stays without comprising on your baby’s comfort.
  • Offers functionality such as diaper changing stations, bassinets and portable cribs.
  • Serves as a playpen too.

What I Don’t Like About This Bed

  • Relatively smaller than a crib and even this will be outgrown by your really quick.
  • Doesn’t suits the decor of a well-decorated nursery.

So, in my opinion, a crib and a co-sleeper work the best for a new mom with all the safety features closely locked. 

How To Choose The Best Bed For Your Newborn

1. Safety

Safety is the foremost thing you should look for while purchasing any newborn bed. The bed should comply with the British Safety Standards, and if you are going for a second-hand bed then ensure that it is in good condition. The other things you should look for is that there are no sharp or rough edges, sturdy construction without flimsy materials, proper locking system of the wheels and the rocking feature if there is any, proper side attachments and if the foam is used it should be CertiPur US certified too.

2. Positioning

The baby should be always put to sleep on their back and never on their front or side with their feet positioned at the end of the bed. Swing beds should be avoided while they sleep as a reclining sleep position is not healthy for newborns. The bed should be also free of soft toys and loose bedding.

3. Aptness Of Newborn Bed

A newborn bed is apt if you are looking for a separate bed for your baby and you have room for it in your bedroom (or) as well as downstairs for daytime naps. A newborn bed is not apt if you prefer to bed-share with your baby for co-sleeping. Even if you are on a budget(not apt but if possible), never go for beds made of flimsy quality instead invest in a cot bed or a crib that can be converted into a daybed as well a toddler bed.

4. Price Tags

A newborn bed ranges from $40 to about $1000, so you need to carefully set your budget. And if your baby isn’t sleeping well splash out on products that ease their sleeping patterns. Because despite investing in a really expensive bed, your baby will still go through sleep regressions.

A Golden Thumb Rule, to no matter, what bed you choose is to never go too cheap. It’s pretty assumable with cheap newborn beds is that they there’s lower construction quality and maybe fewer safety features. Spend as much you can afford on a high-quality newborn bed.

Best Beds For Newborn Baby

#1  Dream On Me Convertible Crib

A convertible crib gracefully matures with your child from infancy to childhood. Due to its sturdy construction, the bed can be converted into a daybed, toddler bed and also a full-size bed. So this is apparently a useful long-term investment. The bed also features stationary guardrails for the utmost safety of your little one. To reach out easily to the bed, it sits low to the floor and features the convenience of three positions with an adjustable mattress support system. The crib meets all applicable ASTM and CPSC Standards.

Dream On Me Convertible Crib

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  • Solid pinewood construction.
  • Tested for lead or other toxic materials.
  • Meets the ASTM and CPSC Standards.
  • Features increased functionality by easily converting into a daybed, toddler bed and a full-size bed.
  • ​Long term investment.
  • Adjustable mattress support system with three positions.
  • Easy to assemble and also features safety guardrails.


  • Few consumers received either a damaged bed, which either depends on the manufacturing company or the handling of the seller.
  • There were a few problems with the instructions for assembly and some faulty hardware as reviewed by some consumers.
  • Doesn’t includes the mattress and full-size bed frame.

#2 Graco Solano Convertible Crib With Drawer

This convertible crib easily transforms into a toddler bed, day bed and a full-sized bed as well with an attached drawer for easy storage. It’s everything you need to keep your little one comfortable and cosy with the increased functionality with drawers. The bed features three adjustable mattress heights which will keep your baby safe and comfortable and will grow with them through their childhood.

Graco Solano Convertible Crib With Drawer

With a mixture of modern finishes, the crib coordinates well with any nursery decor. The convertible crib with drawer complies with all CPSC and ASTM safety standards to ensure a safe sleeping environment for your baby. The crib is also aided with safety guardrails with a gap of two inches.

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  • Sturdy wood construction.
  • A perfect combination of classic style and easy storage in the form of a drawer.
  • Increased functionality in the form of convertible day, toddler and a full-size day bed.
  • ​​Long-term investment.
  • The bed features three adjustable mattress height for a comfortable reach out to the baby.
  • ​​​The crib complies with the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.
  • ​​​Comes with guardrails with a gap of two inches.
  • The classic style of the crib goes well with any nursery decor.


  • There were a few complaints about chipping of the paint on the bed which is totally hazardous to your child’s health.
  • Few buyers received a damaged bed.
  • Consumers were not satisfied with the quality of the bed.
  • Doesn’t includes a full-size bed frame and a mattress.

#3 Storkcraft Portofino Convertible Crib With Storage

This versatile crib will easily convert into a day, toddler or a full-size bed as and when you require. It remains your easy option from infancy to childhood or maybe adulthood if your baby likes it to be but definitely till childhood. In addition to this, the bed features great storage in the form of drawers and open shelves making it really comfortable and convenient for you as a new mom.

Storkcraft Portofino Convertible Crib With Storage

The bed comes with adjustable mattress heights for support and stability with safety guardrails as well. The adorable finish of the bed with its functionality makes it suitable for any nursery decor. The crib is certified by the JPMA and exceedingly meets the ASTM and CPSC  safety standards for a safe sleeping environment.

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  • Solid pine wood construction with safety guardrails.
  • A perfect combo of a crib with drawers and changing tables.
  • Great functionality.
  • Long-term investment.
  • Great storage options and adjustable mattress support for comfort and convenience.
  • Meets the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.
  • Pre-drilled and a nice finished look.


  • Instructions are not clear which makes it difficult to put together the bed.
  • Very heavy and hard to move.
  • Consumers complained that even the parts required for assembly were missing with of course labelling issues making the whole process really strenuous.

#4 Delta Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Most importantly with bassinets, look at the weight limit it provides for your baby. This bed offers you a limit of up to 15 pounds. The bed features a very serene environment for your baby by featuring a removable or an adjustable canopy for short naps with a calming nightlight and soothing music. These features require batteries which are to be purchased separately from any store. The bassinet has wheels which make its portability way easier and convenient.

Delta Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

While purchasing one, you should look that it is free from any sharp or rough edges. This bed also features a large storage basket underneath for baby essentials and your convenience. The bed is JPMA certified and also meets the ASTM and CPSC safety standards. The bed also comes with a wheel locking feature which is very essential for portable baby beds. The bed company specially mentions a maximum of five months of age for this bed to be used.

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  • Weight capacity of 15 pounds.
  • Wheels for easy portability.
  • A hood with calming light and music to lull your baby to sleep.
  • Wheels locking feature.
  • Basket for storage underneath the bassinet.
  • JPMA certified and meets the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.


  • The assembly of the bed was a little difficult for a few consumers.
  • Few buyers received damaged product making it difficult for them to put together the bed.
  • Few customers were not satisfied with the quality of the baby bed.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries.

#5 Chicco LullaGo Primo Bassinet

This is a travel-friendly bassinet which creates a homely sleeping environment for your baby. It features breathable mesh sides so that your baby doesn’t suffocate and sleeps calmly with an adjustable canopy with some hanging toys too.

Chicco LullaGo Primo Bassinet

The bassinet also comes with a storage pocket so that you can keep the baby essentials just close to your hand. It has snap-on metal legs for fast and easy setup and compact storage. It also includes a carry bag so that you can easily compact store it for easy portability. It can be used until the first four months of your baby.

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  • Great for travelling as well as master usage(optional).
  • Comes with a carry bag too for compact storage and easy portability.
  • Breathable mesh sides for a safe sleeping environment.
  • Really convenient to put together and breakdown while being sturdy in use.
  • Lightweight, spacious, portable, breathable, sturdy and also features on the top toys – way more qualities for a travel-friendly bassinet.
  • The weight limit is 18 lb.


  • Compliance to safety standards is not specified, better to clarify before purchase.

#6 Green Frog Now And Forever Cradle

This is a well-built wood crafted cradle for sturdy use. This cradle features wheels which turn out to be great for easy in-house portability. The maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds so you can easily use it for a little longer until your baby totally outgrows it.

Green Frog Now And Forever Cradle

The cradle is set in a fixed frame with the ability to rock so your baby can be easily lulled to sleep. The cradle is a sturdy construction made up of heavy materials like pinewood.

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  • Sturdy wooden built.
  • Supports maximum weight up to 25 pounds.
  • Crafted from New Zealand pine.
  • The cradle has attached wheels for in-house portability.
  • Set in a fixed frame for easy rocking.
  • Unisex.
  • Offers colours in white and espresso to suit any nursery decor.


  • Few customers reported that they received missing hardware parts with the cradle.

#7 Dream On Me Rocking Cradle

This rocking cradle is attractively designed with arched head and footboards and features a gentle swinging motion to lull your baby to sleep. It supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 20 lbs or until your baby can roll from side to side or push up.

Dream On Me Rocking Cradle

The cradle can be made stationary with a simple pin support system in the cradle. It also comes with a mattress which is certified of quality materials made in the USA. The cover to it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial preventing mould infections and odour.

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  • Sturdy wood construction.
  • Attractive design with arched head and footboard.
  • Gentle swinging motion.
  • A pin support system for stationary movement of the cradle.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 20 lbs.
  • Includes a mattress manufactured of quality materials from the USA.
  • The cover of this mattress is hypoallergenic and anti bacterial.


  • No cons yet.

#8 Beside Me Bassinet and Co-Sleeper

 This bed serves as a bedside sleeper as well as a bassinet. In can be easily converted into the bassinet mode by a simple tool-free, quick set-up and can be put to use anywhere be it your living room or the bedroom it just readily stands alone. A quick conversion by just unhooking the system can convert this bassinet into an easy co-sleeper.

Beside Me Bassinet And Co-Sleeper

As a co-sleeper, it snugs right up against your bed and is just at an arm’s reach away from you. The side can be easily unhooked and unzipped for quick access to comfort or nurse your child. For added comfort, there’s six-position height adjustment which adapts any sleeper height mostly adult beds and has breathable mesh sides.

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  • Lightweight and portable for convenience.
  • Can be easily converted into a bassinet and a co-sleeper in no time.
  • The attached straps ensure safely secures it to your bed.
  • Six position height adjustment.
  • The maximum weight limit is 19 lbs.
  • Comes with a waterproof sheet and a fibre-filled mattress.
  • Mesh sides for high visibility of your child and better air circulation.
  • Easy accessibility to the child.
  • Great for new moms, especially during C-section.


  • No large storage is available other than a pocket.
  • The bed doesn’t attach to really high adult beds.
  • The mattress offered with the bed is of not great quality.
  • Do not bed-share it in the middle.

#9 Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

This bedside sleeper is easy to attach or remove from your bed by just unfastening the straps. It offers you 7 adjustable height positions so you can easily adjust it to the height of your bed. It has mesh sides on two sides to keep your baby warm and cosy.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

It can be also used as a bassinet and just needs to be unhooked and unzipped to convert it into a co-sleeper. It also has wheels which make portability easy. The co-sleeper supports a maximum weight of 33 lbs. It is great for new mothers, you can easily nurse or comfort them when needed. An even better option if you have gone through C-section.

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  • Easy to setup.
  • Can be converted into a bassinet too.
  • 7 adjustable height positions.
  • Wheels for easy portability.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 33 lbs.
  • Mesh on two sides to keep your warm and cosy.
  • Easy accessibility to your child for nursing and comforting.
  • A great advantage for new mothers especially with C-section.


  • Problems with height adjustment as reviewed by few buyers.
  • The mesh on just two sides can be sometimes suffocating.

#10 Graco Playard

This Playard has everything that you are looking for in a baby bed. The Playard has removable seat which lets you take the baby anywhere in the house or elsewhere. It includes a large changing station for baby essentials. This Playard cum bassinet includes built-in storage which can store almost everything needed at night by your babies like sheets, clothes or other late-night necessities close at hand.

Graco Playard

The bed gives gentle vibrations in both removable seat and the bassinet for the rocking sensation to lull your baby to sleep. The bed is very useful until the toddler stage. The bed is easily washable too and supports the maximum weight of 30 pounds.

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  • Comes with a removable seat.
  • Changing station with large built-in storage.
  • Gives out gentle vibrations for a rocking sensation.
  • Can be used from the infant stage to the toddler stage.
  • Easy to clean and is washable.
  • Wheels for portability.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 30 pounds.
  • It is a bassinet, Playard, has a removable seat, large storage, gives gentle rocking sensations,  easy portability, etc. like almost everything in a single baby bed.


  • Wheels locking system not specified.
  • Few buyers received damaged products.
  • Few hardware parts were missing as reviewed by buyers.
  • Uses battery.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Baby Beds

Question 1. Are bassinets good for newborns?


Cribs and bassinets both can be safe sleep choices for your newborn baby. Bassinets are most easy to use for many parents as they have lower sides so you don’t have to completely lean over the rail to comfort your baby. While cribs, on the other hand, is a long-term investment and can be converted into toddler and daybeds too.

Question 2. What are some of the safety features to look at before buying a bed for the newborn?


Safety comes foremost with anything related to a child. Here are a few things you should take care of while purchasing a bed for your newborn baby like the bed should be free of rough and sharp edges. The bed should comply with the JPMA as well as ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Ensure all the locking systems pertaining to wheels and rocking, also look out for beds with sturdy construction with no flimsy materials.

Question 3. What are the safest options for newborn to sleep in?


Cribs, co-sleepers and bassinets that are free of everything except your baby are the safest options available. This means it should be free from bumper pads, quilts, heavy blankets, toys, positioning toys, or any toys with strings. Ensure that the sheets are tight fitted to a firm mattress and not loose ones.

Question 4. Which beds need to be avoided for newborns?


Swing beds that recline too much should be avoided for newborns. Even cradles that rock too much without proper locking system should be avoided. Opt for beds that have proper locking system pertaining to safety as well as grasping. Beds with batteries also should not be used for a longer period of time.

These were some of the types of beds with recommendations for your newborn so that you can opt for the best option keeping all these things in mind. As a new mother, it is a stressful job, but I am pretty sure you will be good at it and will definitely pick the best and the most comfortable bed for your newborn. If you like this article do like and share it and yes the comment section is always open for your suggestions.

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