Best Beds For Storage – Tips, Uses, Types With Spectacular Themes/Ideas

Your kids spend most of their time in the bedroom. From playing, eating, working and sleeping their bed accompanies them in all the processes of growing up. Kids have a unique fascination for their bedroom. Their transformation from cribs to bigger beds is always a difficult task.

You need to play with colorful themes in their bedroom to attract and engage them so that there is a smooth transition of the beds.

The bedroom has to be appealing for them to actually get into it and have a colorful childhood. Children are always fussy about their favorite colors, characters and toys so it becomes really important for you to keep in mind all of such stuff before getting into the real purchases. You should have all the knowledge about their favorite colors or those colors which will attract them more towards the room.

Bed For Storage

Their favorite cartoon characters can be utilized in different ways to make the room look more fascinating. You can always add up things related to their interests and preferences to make it more creative. The bedroom is nothing without a well-finished bed attracting your toddlers and engaging them in playful activities.

You can either invest in simple beds and decorate them according to the chosen theme or go for creative beds like princess carriage shaped beds or any car shaped ones. Look out for beds which will engage your kids but is also safe for them.

Storage for you can be also quite challenging, and if you are low on space ​​​​​​then it surely is. Rooms with a lot of clutter gives a messy and an unorganised look will stress you out more, so the better option to this is to invest in a bed that will store in all your stuff in an organised way without giving a messy look to the room. Buying a storage bed turns out to be a budget-friendly and the most effective way to deal with all the clutter and unorganisation in your room.

Tips To Buy Storage Beds For Children

#1 Know your children

You should be well aware of your child’s needs and preferences before making a purchase. Their choice of colors and theme is the base or foundation of the bedroom to help them transit smoothly.

Know your children image

#2 Plan the structure of the room

You should have their room layout ready before you plan to add up things in their room. You can’t create a mess in the room by just adding things randomly.

Plan the structure of the room image

You should plan each and everything before placing it in their room so that it remains spacious creating enough room for them to play.

#3 Your requirements

As teenagers are in their growing phases, they need something substantial. A Twin might seem okay when they are younger, but with their changing bodies, a Twin XL or even Full XL provides adequate support from early teens to full adulthood.

Your Requirements image

Benefits/ Uses Of Storage Beds

1. Space saver

Space is always a big issue with children. They have to be rendered with space to grow and play. With children comes a cluttered room. You can go for bunk, loft or cabin beds to save up on space as well as give a playful edge to the room.

2. Add storage

Good storage is very essential in your child’s room. Storing from their toys to storybooks, essential stuff can be a total mess if there is no proper organization of all of these things. Go for beds that have storage options in the form of cabinets in the bed or drawers underneath the bed or on the sides. You can also add trundle drawers or beds to save up on the space.

3. Budget-friendly

Go for beds which are easy on your budget so that you can change them whenever the need arises or invest one time in good quality beds to free yourself from the hassle of further purchases.

4. Diverse designs

The beds come in an array of designs. The wide collection caters to everybody’s demands and needs of storage’s, spaces, designs, etc.

5. Decor

Bed is a major part of your child’s bedroom. All of this aligns with your child’s personality so the decor of the room should be planned accordingly.

6. Safety

Safety is something that you look for like the first thing. Any material you go for like either wood or iron, it should have rounded edges. If you opt bunks, lofts, or cabins choose the type of ladder/stairs/slide carefully. The high beds should have strong guardrails to protect your children from any falls.

7. Weight capacity

Weight should be a foremost consideration while purchasing a bed for your little one. If your toddler is heavy weighted or you are making long time investment choose heavy materials as their construction base so that they can support heavyweights in the future as well.

Now when you are guided with some tips for your little one’s room and the beds you should go for let us discuss the types of beds available in the market so that your research part is complete and you just have to make a good purchase.

Types Of Beds With Storage

Storage is a major issue while setting up either your or your child’s room. The clutter in the bedroom needs proper organisation. You can have a look at some of the types of storage beds so that your concerns regarding storage’s with stylish beds are kept at bay.

Storage Beds

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#1 L-Shaped Bunk Beds 

The L-shaped Bunk Bed has a perpendicular configuration. It consists of a full bed at the bottom and a single bed at the top. It features drawers and desks in the under space as well on the sides of the bed without taking up extra space of the room. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your requirements of the room.

L Shaped Bunk Beds

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#2 Loft and Trundle Beds

Loft and Trundle Beds types of beds are apt for people who are low on space and wants high storage. The bed is loft in its type with drawers or cupboards on the sides with a desk in the middle for either studying or working with a bed underneath it in a trundle arrangement.

Loft and Trundle Beds

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#3 Wardrobe Beds

If you want an all in one kind of a bed, this one is perfect for you creating extra room space for your child to play around. Due to its loft arrangement, you can add up a whole wardrobe underneath the bed with a desk thereby making it a full wardrobe bed that can be either used to study or work with drawers underneath it. You can opt for beds with stairs and add small storages underneath it.

Wardrobe Beds

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#4 Futon Beds

Futon beds cater to your requirements of sitting as well as eating. They are ideal for you as well as your children if they are messy. It assists you with a separate space to spend some time with your little ones in a comfortable environment. If your kids are messy and clutter their beds with their activities, this would be a great option then.

Futon Beds

You can seat them on the futon for their daily activities without creating a fuss on their beds. It is also ideal for children who love to read, the futon arrangement will encourage their creative activities.

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#5 Cabin Beds

Cabin beds belong to the storage family aptly. They consist of a bed in the middle with cabinets all around it for good storage. You can make it look fascinating by employing a peculiar design to the bed or some colorful-playful theme to engage the children.

Cabin Beds

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Double Beds With Storage

Double beds though an easy option for you guys but not for children especially if you have two. Neither their demands nor your requirements can have a conciliation. All of this can only combine when their demands are handled tactfully by either employing their favorite themes to the room or structure the room according to their desire but with your requirements. Here are some of the beds which can solve all your problems without much effort.

Double Beds

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#1 Bunk Beds

These are the best possible double beds if your kids require separate space for themselves. With a bunk bed, you are offering them separate spaces but in the same room. You can also add storage’s either in the under space of the bed or on the sides so that the room looks more organized.

Bunk Beds

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#2 Full Lofts

It is playful yet modernly designed bed which offers complete bed space as well as play space to your children. The under space can be occupied with anything according to your requirements like a seating lounge, desk for study or just an empty space for playing. For safety, it is well equipped with guardrails on all sides to protect your children from any falls. Apart from children, individuals who plan to reside alone or teens who are low on space and budget, this bed is apt for all of these guys.

Full Lofts Beds

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#3 Platform Beds

These are pretty simple full beds. Children who are not fussy about their personal spaces and like to share will definitely like these beds. It can be transformed into any playful bed area by just employing a correct theme to the room. These beds work the best for you guys as well, because it provides ample storge with an edge of style.

Platform Beds

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#4 Loft with Trundle Beds

Loft beds are more than just high beds. You can attach trundle beds underneath these loft beds making them loft with trundle beds and solving all your problems regarding double beds, storage, or even study area.

Loft with Trundle Beds

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#5 Twin Over Twin Rustic Floor Beds

These beds have the same base like that of a bunk, but they are low to the floor with the facade constructed as a rustic abode to give the desired effect.

Twin Over Twin Rustic Floor Beds

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Loft Beds With Storage

Loft beds also known as high beds are a great option if you are looking for beds which are space-efficient. They provide you with plenty of space to either add a desk, bed, storage’s or keep it empty for a good play space. Look at some of these lofts and go for the one that suits your requirements.

Loft Beds

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#1 Closet Loft Beds

These loft beds are constructed in such a way that they have a vast space for storage. A whole closet can fit under the bed with a separate space for cabinets.

Closet Loft Beds

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#2 Full Storage Lofts

Whether high or low lofts are always a good option for storage. You can add drawers, shelves, cabinets, or anything that caters to your requirements of storage.

Full Storage Lofts

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#3 Tent Loft Beds

These are medium lofts which can be transformed into castles or tent houses by just accessorizing it with any printed/shaped/sized tents or structures. They instantly change the whole look of the room making it eye-catching just at once for your kids.

Tent Loft Beds

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#4 Studio Loft Beds

These studio lofts are accompanied by a work station beneath it. They are constructed in heavy material to give strength and a sturdy look. The desk adhered is vast enough to carry out daily working/gaming with studies as well. Due to its features, the bed has a long shelf life that is from children to adults.

Studio Loft Beds

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#5 L-Shaped Loft Bed

The L-shaped loft bed is ideal for accommodating more than two children and saving up on space. It can fit into any corner with a bunk-loft structure. It becomes ideal for sleepovers.

L Shaped Loft Bed

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Single/Twin Beds With Storage

These beds can be great if you have a single kid. They can be transformed into a bunk or double bed by just adding one more bed to the arrangement to serve your future needs. They are both space and storage efficient.

Single Twin Beds

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#1 Single Lofts

Single lofts are not as basic as lofts but they do carry its basic structure. They are single beds which can be further structured into any form as per your requirements.

Single Lofts

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#2 Single Canopy Beds

These are simple platform beds which or also known as four-posters beds. This bed just needs a canopy and the work is sorted. A canopy will give an enchanting effect to the room while also protecting your little one from insects. Flowers, feathers, lights enhance the look of your canopy bed.

Single Canopy Beds

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#3 Mid Sleeper Beds

This belongs to the mid loft category placed somewhere in between. It’s positioning aids you with large storage capacities. The leftover place can be covered up with a little play way keeping your children engaged.

Mid Sleeper Beds

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#4 Single Slider Beds

These mini lofts act as little play beds for your mini’s at home. A slide accompanies the ladder in this bed. This addition transforms the bedroom into a playroom ceasing all your worries.

Single Slider Beds

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#5 Cushioned Sleeping Bags

This sleeping bag bed is totally cushioned for your tender toddlers pervading their bed and sleep with warmth. It is damp-proof keeping your worries about wetness at bay.

Cushioned Sleeping Bags

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Teen Beds With Storage

The choice of teen beds can be very difficult if you are not well versed with your child’s needs, demands and choices. Their independence and personal style speak through their statement things like their bedroom. The key to an ideal teen bed is a combination of functionality and design. Before a purchase always know their choices and preferences.

Teen Beds

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Respect their say or opinion as it matters the most after all the bed has to eventually land in their room. Here are some of the options you can consider before making a purchase that caters yours and your child’s requirements.

#1 Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are simple platform beds with a vintage vibe to it. Accessorizing it with curtains or other corresponding things and colors will enhance the decor of the room.

Sleigh Beds

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#2 Low lofts With Cabinets

Lofts are a great option for teenagers. Underneath the loft, a whole array of drawers and cabinets can fit in storing a lot of their personal stuff so that there is less clutter in the room.

Low lofts With Cabinets

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#3 Sporty Beds

Most of the teenagers at this age admire sports a lot with any player being their favorite. This admiration instills in them a spark of being a player. Each thing must vibe with their personality, so these beds will be perfect for them. Storage’s can also be added to these beds keeping your worries about the organization at bay.

Sporty Beds

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#4 Themed Bunk Beds

If your teenager fascinates a bunk and loves sleepovers this could be a perfect option. You can go ahead for any theme crafted bunk as per their choices to make their room a happy place to live in.

Themed Bunk Beds

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#5 Loft With Desk Beds

Having an in-built desk is a great option for children who loves researching or working on their assignments day and night.

Loft With Desk Beds

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Ideas/Themes For Storage Beds

#1 House/Hut Theme

Be it bunk, loft or platform, this house theme works well with all kinds of beds. It adds a dimension to the room by restructuring the bed into a mini house. It is generally made up of wood with a polish that corresponds to your child’s happy vibe.

House Hut Theme

You can accessories it with lights, toys, etc to make it appear cosy and homelike. Storage is not a problem with this house bed.

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#2 Cars Theme

If your kids are fascinated towards cars or car races opt for car shaped beds. They come in a variety of colors and shapes with realistic details that enhance the overall look of the bed thereby engaging your kids.

Cars Theme

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#3 Tent House Theme

Tent houses are the new favorites among children. You just need to buy a theme-based tent like a castle, camouflage, cottage etc. prints that coordinate well with your child’s bed (any type). Adding a tent will not hinder their movement or your storage’s but it will change a boring bedroom into a fun-filled playroom.

Tent House Theme

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#4 Canopy Embellishments

Canopies never go out of fashion for children. The basic structure and functionality remain the same just the designs and prints change as and when they grow up. Adding canopies have an enchanting effect on the children. Storage is not a hindrance with canopy beds.

Canopy Embellishments

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#5 Sports Theme

If your children are interested in sports or aspire to become a player or admire someone this could be a perfect theme for them. You can either go for bunks or single beds which are specially designed to cater to this theme.

Sports Theme

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#6 Curtain Theme

Curtain themes go well with bedrooms which are to be transformed into a playroom as well. This goes well with loft beds as it engulfs the lower area which can be used as a separate play section or a storehouse for toys.

Curtain Theme

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#7 Aeroplane Theme

Why not try something interesting when you have all the resources. Go for beds which are creative in its construction and unique in ideas just like these aeroplane beds. Add wings to your little pilots by coordinating the shape of the bed too with this theme. The bed is safe in its construction without giving you many worries.

Aeroplane Theme

You can also add storage’s behind the section of the wheel of the play to make the room look more organised. The realistic details of such theme-based beds enhance the overall structure of the room.

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Now with all the knowledge, I have shared with you regarding the considerations, the types of beds and moreover, the creative ideas you can adapt for your children’s room will surely make them happy. Go for something different which pleases them for a longer period of time rather than going for short-lived ideas which would bore them eventually.

All this detailed information will help you out too in organising your room in a better state and will definitely turn out to be the most effective, both cost as well as functionality wise.

You can have a detailed look at all these aspects regarding your child’s room by just clicking on the links attached.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Kids Beds With Storage:

Question 1. What is a storage bed?


In a storage bed, the bed stands on wooden feet. It is high enough to store some items under the bed as well as the sides. Platform, bunk, cabinet and loft beds work the best with these kinds of beds.

Question 2. What is a bed with storage underneath called?


Underneath storages are available in a simple platform bed and a loft bed. There is a lot of free space underneath the bed for storage or other furniture, desk, etc. Platform beds are also known as captain or cabin beds which come with in-built storage compartments undrneath.

Question 3. What can be stored in storage beds?


Storage beds can generally accommodate anything in them. You can store off-season clothes, toys or any stuff which is used occasionally. Bulky items should be avoided with storage beds as they will certainly affect the durability of the bed.

Question 4. What types of storage beds are available?


Storage beds come in different form and styles. You get storages underneath the bed in a platform or captain beds. Cabin beds too have underneath storage but in addition to it, they have extra storages in the sides as well in the form of drawers or shelves. There are some loft beds too which have an in-built wardrobe or a study desk saving up on space and increase in organisation.

Hope this article will help you enough to make a good purchase. Do let us know your favorite pick with any suggestions in the comment section below.

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