Best Canopy Beds – Types, Advantages And Disadvantages

Usually, canopy beds need no introduction, they are dreamy and enveloping. They have conjured up drama and stature in rooms throughout history and has been a favorite of everyone from royalty to legendary interior designers such as Frances Eakins and Paul Evans. Originally canopy beds intended to conserve warmth and offer privacy and are now beloved for their sumptuous design.

Canopy Beds

These beds are typically known as Four-Posters and feature, fabric draped over the top and on all the sides, often finished with tassels and other fancy details to add drama. They are created to add an impressive ambiance when falling from the ceiling. In modern times, canopies are less common, but a bedroom with well-designed canopies is the ultimate sign of decadence.

During the years, canopy beds went out of style as they were so elaborate and massive for ordinary bedrooms. These detailed heavy four-poster beds were just too bulky and quite showy for an ordinary home.

However, canopy beds are fast becoming popular again as their designs are now simpler, elegant and more streamlined and therefore more apt for a modern home.

Types Of Canopies For Beds

#1 Complete Canopy

A complete canopy generally compliments well with four-poster bed. The canopy goes around the entire bed parameter as it drapes over all the sides. The fabric can drape down full or mid-length of the bed. The canopy can be supported by the posts from the corners of the bed with an option to either have a flat or an arched roof. The roof here refers to that of the bed which is also covered with fabric. The fabric of the canopy can be of heavy material or lighter nets depending on your requirements.

#2 Full Canopy

In a full canopy bed, the canopy hangs from the top of the bed only halfway around the sides. The canopy can be supported by the bed’s four posters or can be hanged on the ceilings with the use of hooks or canopy rings.

#3 Half Canopy

This s also called a shelf or a half canopy where the canopy is attached to the wall covered with fabric that drapes down from shelves to the sides to semi enclose the bed’s header.

Advantages Of Canopy Beds

#1 Room Aesthetics

Canopy beds come in many different styles, so it’s easy to find one that fits your room and the rest of the decor. A canopy bed looks phenomenal and instantly takes your master suite to the next level. You can change the themes or update the room s your taste evolves by just changing the covering linens.

Room Aesthetics

#2 Regulating Temperature

Canopy beds have utilitarian value as well apart from looking fascinating. The additional linens enclosing your bed will help keep you warm during winters. Temperature regulation can help make your bed and your bedroom more comfortable throughout the seasons.

Regulating Temperature

#3 Array of Styles Available

There are plenty of styles of the canopy available. To add a canopy you might have a room which includes a four-poster bed or one that has a frame for the canopy that makes it easy to install one. You can simply drape a thin fabric from head to foot or cover the four sides for total privacy. A canopy that drapes with ruffles over the sides of your frame but not down will not hinder your way.

Array of Styles Available

Disadvantages of Canopy Beds

#1 Cleaning hassle

With any bed, you are already burdened with cleaning your bed-sheets but with a canopy bed, there’s a lot more linen to clean. Most of the hangings don’t need daily cleaning as the sheets but whenever you clean them it’s a big hassle. On top of this, the cover of the canopy beds is known to get dusty and need regular cleaning to prevent any allergy-related issues.

Cleaning Hassle

#2 A Temptation For Kids 

Canopy beds are enticing for everybody including kids and pets. Kids usually have a good time with canopy beds, potentially causing damage to the cloth, the bed’s frame or even themselves. Even with pets at home canopy beds can be a great problem.

A Temptation For Kids

Types Of Canopy Beds Available

#1 Four-Posters Canopy Bed 

The bed is structured on a classical four opening design. It provides you with a private space of comfort. The canopy is easy to install. You can use hooks to set up the canopy easily into the ceiling or hang it from the corners of your four-post bed for an added touch of style and elegance.

Four Posters Canopy Bed

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  • Great quality.
  • Easy setup of the canopy.
  • Variety is available.
  • Goes well with every decor.


  • Few consumers complained that the product delivered varied from the pictures attached for buying.

#2 Disney Canopy Bed For Children

You can create a fairy-tale bedroom for your little bedroom with this canopy bed. It is designed in bold shades with enchanting and engaging graphics. The bed is constructed of heavy sturdy material and is topped with sheer organza canopy.

Disney Canopy Toddler Bed

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  • Sturdy and great quality for a kid’s bed.
  • Engaging graphics.
  • Two attached guardrails for safety.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The canopy was flimsy and could not stand even a few days for some consumers.
  • The parts of the bed were not labelled.
  • The instructions are poorly written as are the depictions of instructions.

#3 Four-Post Metal Canopy Bed

This bed has a metal framework with four posts to complement the canopy well. It is crafted with sturdy metal and has solid metal feet. It comes with extra center support providing ample structure and comfort. It includes metal slats thereby increasing airflow around the mattress.

Four Post Metal Canopy Bed

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  • The bed is sturdy and fits in with all room decors.
  • It was easy to assemble.
  • Amazing quality.


  • It became squeaky for a few customers after regular usage.

#4 Contemporary Canopy Bed

The bed is sturdy metal construction. It has a padded headboard in grey polyester fabric. The padded headboard has a button tuft design for a more elegant and sophisticated look. The bed has ample space for storage underneath the bed.

Contemporary Canopy Bed

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  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Padded headboard for style and comfort.
  • Space for storage underneath the bed.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Few buyers complained of damaged bed parts.
  • For some buyers, the bed wobbled much after assembly.

These were some of the canopy beds. Do check our main page to know more about them.

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