Best Bunk Beds – Guide, Safety Tips & Ideas With Reviews

Choosing the right bed for kids is not an easy task. It depends on various factors such as your needs pertaining to their room, basic requirements of you and your child, and then lastly the demands of your kids. It’s you who has to take into account some important aspects before selecting a bed for your child like the functional utility of the bed, space occupied, storage available, safety features, monetary aspects, meeting the official standards etc.

Bunk Beds

So, if you are planning to purchase a bed which works the best in saving space and increasing storage then a bunk bed is the best for you. It occupies less room space and still provides you with increased capacity for storage and people as well. A bunk bed is the one in which a single bed frame is stacked on top of the another while maximizing available floor space.

Bunk beds can offer great capacities for storage and can accommodate more than two people with special arrangements. For increased storage one can opt for bunk beds with trundle drawers or cabinets or shelves on the sides of the bed. A bunk bed can also feature a full-fledged built-in wardrobe or a desk for greater functionality.

For increased sleeping space bunk beds can be either added with trundle beds or you can directly go for triple or quadruple bunk beds.

Advantages Of Bunk Beds

#1 Great Functionality

Bunk beds, if used smartly, can be great pieces of functionality in your child’s bedroom. Normal bunk beds with stairs can also offer great storage by adding drawers beneath the stairs without adding separate storage options.

Great Functionality

#2 Space Savers

Bunk beds are great space savers as they cater to a variety of minimalistic space requirements. Bunk beds come in a variety of range like a twin over twin, twin over full, triple bunk or a quadruple bunk. These space-efficient beds do their best with storage as well.

Space Savers

#3 Cost-effective

Bunk bed is a really good option if you are looking for budget-friendly beds. They are obviously a great option instead of buying a proper full-sized bed. Invest in stylish yet sturdy bunk beds for long time use.

Cost Effective

#4 Life Lessons

It’s really difficult to inculcate some peculiar life lessons while growing up. The easiest way to teach them is either through a demonstration or putting them into that particular situation so that they learn for themselves and imbibe it for the rest of their life.

Life Lessons

So, when your children share their bedroom it teaches them to be generous and courteous while instilling in them good living habits and encourages efficient bonding.

#5 Playful activities

Bunk beds have something in them which attracts your children and engages then into playful activities. Adding slides to their room or any playful theme they are interested in will obviously encourage them more to engage in fun activities.

Playful Activities

#6 Easily separated

Bunk beds have always proven out to be great value for money because as your children grow or change so can these beds. When your children grow into twins you can separate these beds into single beds without going for further purchases.

Easily Separated

Even if you move into a new house and your children don’t need to share the same room, the beds can be separated easily and moved into the respective rooms.

Disadvantages of Bunk Beds

#1 Sleeping at height

With bunk beds comes to the worries of fallout’s. At times bunk beds can be really dangerous if they are not assembled with proper safety features. Before purchasing any bunk bed you should check the safety guardrails properly and the space in between them so that your children don’t slip away easily.

Sleeping At Height

#2 Access to the top bunk 

The top bunk is only accessible either through a ladder or stairs, so it’s preferred that children above 6 years of age only should be allowed to access the top bunk. Bunks with ladder should posses attached handles for the safety feature.

Access To The Top Bunk

#3 Assembly

With some bunk beds assembling can be really difficult. It is recommended that either a professional should be called for it and if you are planning to assemble it yourself, then you should very carefully follow the instructions manual given with the bed.


#4 Navigating the ladder at night

With bunk beds navigating the ladder at night by your children will not be easy and can result in any misshaping. So, it is advised that your child’s room should be equipped with a night light.

Navigating The Ladder At Night

Some Safety Tips For Bunk Beds

  • The mattress should fit in the bunk bed properly to avoid any mishappening.
  • Children below 6 years of age should not be allowed on the top bunk.
  • The bunk bed should be equipped with guardrails on both the sides even if there is a wall with gaps no larger than 3.5 inches.
  • The bunks should be placed keeping in mind the height and things like ceiling fan, etc.
  • The ladders or stairs used with the bunk should be strong and sturdy.
  • A night light is an essential thing in your child’s room especially with bunk or loft beds.

Best Bunk Beds To Consider:

#1 Twin over Twin Bunk Beds 

Twin over twin bunk bed is the simplest form of the bunk category. It just consists of two beds and a ladder. There is no storage or any fancy embellishment attached to it. They can be detached to separate single units if there is a need. The bed doesn’t come with storage but you always have the option of fixing it yourself.

Twin Over Twin Bunk For Kids Beds

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  • The wood of the bed is medium-hard.
  • Assembling of the bed is easy and takes 2 people for easy building.
  • The bed is all solid and safe.
  • The instructions with the bed were really easy and the vertical ladder saves a lot of space.


  • There were some complaints regarding the quality of the bed with some scratches on the bed.
  • The guardrails were an issue for some.
  • The compatible parts for easy building of the bed were missing for some.
  • Due to limited pieces of wood available, the bed lacks support for the mattress.

#2 Bunk Beds With Storage 

This bunk is the most demanded out of all the bunks as it caters to the needs of both storage and space with style. The bed is accompanied with drawers at the bottom of the bed enhancing the look of the room avoiding any possible clutter.

Bunk With Storage For Kids Beds

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  • The bed is sturdy and ensures long-lasting usage.
  • The assembly of the bed is really simple.
  • The quality of the bed is solid and offers robust support.


  • The product most of the time was delivered damaged with cracks and dents.

#3 Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

This bed comprises of a full bed with a twin on the upper side of the bunk. This kind of arrangement increases space for both people and storage. It encourages sleepovers either with you or their friends. The storage offered with it will help in a better organisation in the room.

Twin Over Full Bunk For Kids Beds

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  • The bed is crafted of high-quality pine wood ensuring a long time use.
  • The assembly of the bed is really easy.
  • All the hardware parts are properly labelled for easy construction.
  • The solid stairs make the movements in and out of bed really easy and safe.


  • The upper an the lower bunks are inseparable.
  • Some of the consumers were not happy with the quality of the wood used for the bed.

#4 Triple Corner Bunk Beds

These beds comprises of triple bunks specially designed for the corner spaces in the room. With this type of bed, you can easily utilize the corner space of the room and increase the floor space.

Triple Corner Bunk For Kids Beds

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It also goes well with limited space in the room. The bed can be embellished with any accessories of your child’s choice to give a statement to the room.


  • The bed comes with a unique L-shaped corner design.
  • Sturdy metal guardrails.
  • Full metal construction for lasting endurance.
  • No box spring required.
  • Directions are to be followed closely and ensure that you are using exactly the same piece you are supposed to for easy assembly.


  • All the hardware parts were not labelled easily.

#5 Bunk With Trundle Beds

These beds have a normal bunk structure but have an additional bed attached to it in the form of trundle bed below the lower bunk. This bed can be pulled out whenever it is needed otherwise it doesn’t occupy any extra space. The bed comes with in-built storage in the form of drawers or cabinets or even wardrobes.

Bunk With Trundle For Kids Beds

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  • The bed is solid wood construction.
  • The bed is sturdy and is easy to assemble.
  • The stairway attached is super solid with excellent storage.
  • The instructions were very clear for easy construction.


  • For some buyers, the finishing of the bed parts was not good.
  • The wood of the lower bunk just cracked and split into pieces for some.

These were some of the bunk beds with all it’s advantages and safety tips. To know more about such beds visit and our main page and view all kinds of bunk beds.

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