Best Bunk Beds For Kids With Complete Guide And Designs

Choosing the right bed for kids is quite a tiresome task. You are fed on a variety of options by the shopkeepers and on top of that the demands of your kids.

Bunk Beds For Kids

But it’s you who has to take into account all the necessary needs ranging from the monetary aspect to your particular needs of a room, like space, storage, etc. and then comes your kids’ demands pertaining to their room.

So if you are looking for good beds with storage and space-saving capacities, then bunk beds are the best options for you. A bunk bed is the one in which a single bed frame is stacked on top of another while maximizing available floor space.

Important Note: The guardrail protects your kid from any fall and the bed is also accompanied with steps, stairs or even slides. And the cherry on the top is that bunk beds are just not limited for two people, but caters to the capacity of even four while giving you the freedom to restructure it in any form as per the theme of the room.

Why are Bunk Beds The Best?

1. Space Savers

Bunk beds are the best option if you are looking for great space-saving beds. They come in a variety of range like a twin on twin, twin on full, triple bunk, quadruple bunk, etc. They cater to your demands of space as well as storage-saving by attaching drawers or cabinets.

2. Great Functionality

Bunk beds not only offer ladder but also stairs for little toddlers who find it difficult to navigate with a ladder. The stairs can be equipped with drawers solving your problem of storage as well with safety.

3. Cost-effective

Bunks are e great option if you are looking for stylish, sturdy and budget-friendly options. Invest in beds with sturdy exteriors for long time use.

4. Inculcates Life Lessons

Sharing a room teaches your children to be generous and courteous. It instils in them good living habits and encourages them with bonding.

5. Engagement in Playful Activities

Bunk beds, whether triple or quadruple always engage children with some fun activities. Adding slides and fun themes to the room can be some of the best ideas to encourage them for playing.

Best Bunk Beds You Can Choose From According To Your Requirements

#1 Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed 

Twin over twin bunk beds are the simplest form of bunk beds with just one bed on top of the other with a ladder but without any storage capacity. They just cater to your simple need of space-saving. They can be detached into two single units if there is a need. They come in a variety of shapes, size, material and storage’s.

Twin Over Twin Bunk For Kids Beds

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#2 Metal Infused Bunk Beds 

Generally, bunk beds come in wooden material but there are some which do cater to the people’s need for strong and sturdy beds. They are made up of iron bars which infuse strength in the bed giving it a sturdy look. They usually come without a storage option but if you need some you can get it constructed underneath the bed.

Metal Infused Bunk For Kids Beds

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#3 Loft Bunk Beds

Loft in style, these bunk beds have a special function of creating a working space as well. They have a single bed on the top, usually a little high than the usual bunk bed. They provide a desk underneath the bed, either for working, studying, watching television, etc. They too come in wooden and metal materials.

Loft Bunk For Kids Beds

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#4 Floor Bunk Beds

Floor bunk beds are the best for your little toddlers. They are very low in height, almost touching the floor, with guardrails to protect your little ones from any falls. They usually come in a wooden finish without many storing capacities. They too have an option of detachable beds. They are fun, safe, stylish and can also host sleepovers.

Floor Bunk For Kids Beds

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#5 Bunk With Storage Beds

Bunk beds with storage are the most demanded beds of all time, as they provide maximum optimization for both space and storage. With the usual structure of the bunk, the bed is accompanied by drawers to provide you with storing capacities. With such smart optimization too the bed enhances the charm and elegance of the room without giving an untidy look in the room.

Bunk With Storage For Kids Beds

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#6 Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

Twin over full bunk beds are the ones with a full bed at the bottom and a twin bed at the top. They are called bunk because of its arrangement. The full bed beneath can accommodate you or if not you then maybe your other kids.

Twin Over Full Bunk For Kids Beds

It can also serve as a personal space for you and your kid to spend some quality time together. These beds also come with storage to fill in the extra stuff of your kid lying here and there to give a more neat and tidy look.

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#7 Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Full over full bunk beds are two full beds one on top of the other. They are ideal for kids who love space on their personal beds and are reluctant to share it with anyone. These beds come up with storage capacity as well so that there is no fuss in the room regarding space.

Full Over Full Bunk Beds

They give a modern contemporary look to the room without compromising much on the space plus providing more sleeping space accompanied by guardrails and stairs.

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#8 Triple Decker Bunk Beds

Triple bunk beds save your space for triple single beds. They are aligned one on top of the other. Mostly it is a metal construction so that it is durable enough to handle three kids at a single time.

Triple Decker Bunk For Kids Beds

It gives strength and sturdy look to the bed guardrails at each section for safety. It gives an overall modern aesthetic vibe to the room.

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#9 Forrest Essentials L-Shaped Bunk Beds

These L-shaped bunk beds are structured in the sense that there is a twin bed at the top and a full bed underneath but in an L-shape. It can be constructed in a forest finished wood giving the bed a unique feel without doing much.

Forrest Essentials L Shaped Bunk For Kids Beds

It is accompanied with either drawers or cabinets to provide you with good storage capacity. This bed enhances the sleeping capacity giving a woodland theme to the room without many enhancements.

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#10 Triple Corner Bunk Beds

Almost the same as the triple bunk bed in structure, this bed is specially designed for the corner spaces in the room. If there is less space in the house you can utilize the corner space of your child’s room. You can align three bunk beds in customized style so as to fit in the corner of your room.

Triple Corner Bunk For Kids Beds

Now storage option is totally on your discretion depending on your need and capacity in the room. It can be well decorated with hanging toys or other motifs to give a playful theme to the room.

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#11 Bunk With Trundle Beds

Bunk with trundle beds have a normal bunk structure, but with an additional bed which is usually out of sight. It is in a trundle arrangement and is pulled out only when in use. The additional bed attached can be either put to use daily as per the needs or occasionally, either for playing or sleepovers.

Bunk With Trundle For Kids Beds

It comes with in-built storage, as well as saves your space by attaching a trundle bed rather than a completely separate bed.

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#12 Quadruple Bunk Beds

If you have quadruplets or you want some extra bed capacity for future or sleepovers for their friends or for yourself, then this would be an ideal bed for you. It provides you with four twin beds assembled in an organised manner to optimize space. It comes with a sturdy ladder and guardrails on all the sides.

Quadruple Bunk For Kids Beds

It is also adjusted with storage capacities so that there is less clutter all over the place. You can decorate the room with your kids favorite toys or give a theme to the room and restructure it into a house or tent beds.

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#13 Logged Futon Bunk Beds

These bunk beds are made up of wood but in a log-wood style. It is not tapered into simple sleek wood. The top platform is a single bed and the underneath platform is a futon rather than a bed. It serves both the purpose of sleeping and sitting. To avoid messiness in the bed, you can put your child in the futon for eating, playing or reading.

Logged Futon Bunk For Kids Beds

These activities if done outside the bed will make the child more active. You can customize storage capacities as per your needs. Guardrails are duly attached for safety. The log-wood style of the bed gives a traditional atmosphere to your kids’ bedroom.

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#14 Closet Bunk Beds

If you want enhanced storage capacities you can go for this bed. This one is ideal because it has a variety of storage options. Due to its lofty bunk structure, you get in-built storage as well as a full closet in the bed. With the in-built system of storage, a lot of free space is provided.

Closet Bunk For Kids Beds

The closet, the drawers, everything which needed extra space is now fitted into one with of course a bed on top of them.

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#15 Stairway Storage Bunk Beds

If you are not interested in storage below your bunk bed you can opt for storage’s in the stairway. The stairway of any bunk bed can be utilized for storing capacities except the metal one. The stairway storage’s are more in the form of drawers rather than heavy cabinets.

Stairway Storage Bunk For Kids Beds

You can polish the wooden structure in some different colors like sand or dark sand or mahogany to give a vintage feel to the bed and the room.

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#16 Full Tent Dramatized Bunk Beds

These are usual bunk beds with a twin over full bunk bed. The name tent attached to it is more of a theme attached to it. You can assemble any theme related tents on your child’s upper bunk to make their childhood more playful and dreamy.

Full Tent Dramatised Bunk For Kids Beds

The tents are available in various shapes and sizes and you can go for any as per your theme. It has a functional purpose as well of covering the child’s abode. The storage or anything is not hindered by the application of the tent.

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#17 Novelty House Bunk Beds

Now, these bunk beds stand true to their name. Their overall bunk structure is constructed in a house shape with plank rooftop and sleek windows. This gives a particularly pretty little house theme for an engaging atmosphere in the bedroom.

Novelty House Bunk For Kids Beds

You can add storage’s as per the need without disrupting the theme of the bedroom. This little house over the top gives your baby a sense of belonging and his will to engage himself with some activities in the room.

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#18 Sturdy Camouflaged Bunk Beds

These bunk beds go well with the name. The camouflage structure is the theme that is applied to your bunk with either tents or wooden/metal graphic patterns. Be it any graphical design choose it according to the dreams and aspirations of your child.

Sturdy Camouflaged Bunk For Kids Beds

Like this one is apt for any child who wishes to be a part of the military and serve their country. By applying a theme related to your child’s dreams and aspirations will push them more towards their goal. Storage options are totally at your discretion.

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#19 Cottage Bunk Beds

Cottage theme though an old theme but still got those traditional attributes attached to engage any child. But as we live in today’s world we can transform this traditional cottage into a contemporary style cottage-bed. The periphery of the bed is restructured into a cottage.

Cottage Bunk For Kids Beds

This unique designing of the bed will engage your kids’ attention to many activities revolving around it with a collection of memories of sleepovers and playtime with you.

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#20 Racing Jeep Bunk Beds

Racing through the dreams of your child this bunk bed is apt for your racer kids. The exterior of the bunk is constructed like a jeep but yes with all the safety features. The little designing on the bed with tires, headlights, etc give a realistic touch to the bed to let your child run through the dreams.

Racing Jeep Bunk For Kids Beds

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#21 Semi-Circle Bunk Beds

These geometrically shaped full over full bunk beds entice grown-up kids. Its very shape engages the kids in various physical activities. It is constructed in a metal framework for durability and sturdy look as it is a full over full bed.

Semi circle Bunk For Kids Beds

The simplicity of the bed imparts elegance in the room. You can add a desk at the corner of the room in the same material to give wholeness to the room.

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#22 Splashing The Waves Cruise Bunk Beds

These cute little beds in a structured boat form are very enticing for little toddlers. You can decorate the whole room by applying the sea-theme to your child’s room. You can paint the wall in sea waves texture and then put this boat-shaped bed into their room.

Splashing The Waves Cruise Bunk For Kids Beds

You can add drawers to this bed for some storage capacities and add little sea motifs to the room to enhance the look.

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#23 Homespun Bunk Beds

These pastoral looking bunk beds are unique in design and impart a rustic vibe in the room. The bed can be transformed into a robust structure with a cowboy theme.

Homespun Bunk For Kids Beds

The external look changes the whole atmosphere of the bedroom. It transports your child to the outer world of play fields to entice them with physical activities.

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#24 L-Shaped Bunk Beds

These beds are uniquely designed for the purpose of fun and communication between the two kids as well as for the space-efficient technique. These bunk beds can be either left as it is or can be restructured to evoke some fun element in the room.

L Shaped Bunk For Kids Beds

You can also add storage’s in the form of drawers and cabinets to the bed to make it space-efficient.

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#25 Country-Wave Bunk Beds

These beds have a normal bunk structure with a rustic looking facade. It appeals more to children with a bent for the countryside. It attracts the children to play in the room.

Country Wave Bunk For Kids Beds

It comes with different storage options for a clutter-free environment in the room.

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#26 Anchored Bunk Beds

These bunk beds have a sea-inspired theme. The anchor details and graphics on the bed, as well as the room, give more space to the dreams of your mariners. You can either attach a trundle bed to it or some drawers to make the bed space and storage efficient.

Anchored Bunk For Kids Beds

The little details and graphics attached to it make the bed come to life for your little mariners.

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#27 Athletic Bunk Beds

By athletic bunk beds, we mean to give a sporty look to the bed. You can construct the exterior of the bed into any sport liked by your kid. This sporty finish to the room would give a different motivational energy to your child’s.

Athletic Bunk For Kids Beds

Room and would keep them charged with energy and invoke them to have more outdoor activities and practice their favorite sport. You can get trundle drawers attached underneath the bed for storage.

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#28 Aye Aye Captain Bunk Beds

These special naval beds are designed for your children’s specific bent towards the water. The bed with the ship wheel entice your child into sailing and imparts a playful mood with it.

Aye Aye Captain Bunk For Kids Beds

It motivates and encourages your kid more to become your little sailor. Storage capacities can be added with trundle drawers.

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#29 School Bus Bunk Beds

If your children hate going to school add this bunk bed to their room. Placing this bed with its realistic details would entice them and make them engage in playful activities. With the due course of time, these playful acts with the school bus bed would transform their mind gradually for going to the school.

School Bus Bunk For Kids Beds

They would start loving to step into their school bus and go to school. The playful idea associated with school bus would transform their whole mindset towards going to school.

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#30 Fire Engine Bunk Beds

Future firefighters have an exclusive bed for themselves now. These fire engine bunk beds have realistic details attached to them like signboards, wheels, siren, lights, etc.

Fire Engine Bunk For Kids Beds

These realistic details bring out the real dreams of these young fighters and engage them in playful activities. Such unique beds affect your child’s mental abilities and make them sharper.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Bunk Beds For Kids:

Question 1. What age can a child be put in a bunk bed?


Every bunk bed has/must have a warning label that advises against placing children under six years of age in the upper bunk. If the bunk bed is taller than 30 inches, it must have a proper guardrail on both the sides of the bed for safety.

Question 2. Are bunk beds dangerous for toddlers?


No, you should not permit children under 6 years of age to sleep in the upper bunk. It can lead to minor or major injuries if not guarded well.

Question 3. What are the safety features to be kept in mind with bunk beds?


Some of the key things to keep in mind for safe sleep in the bunk bed is that – you should always use guardrails on both sides no matter what age your child is, do not permit children under 6 years of age to sleep in the upper bunk, ensure crossties under the mattress foundation, emphasize children to use ladder and not any other pieces of furniture to climb the upper bunk, and consider using a night light for safe movement in and out of the bed.

Question 4. Is there a weight limit for bunk beds?


As per the recommendations by the Federal Standards for bunk beds, children under the age of 6 years should not use the upper bunk. We suggest 175 lbs for the top bunk, 200 lbs for the lower bunk and 175 lbs for the trundle and not more than this as it can be dangerous.

I hope this vast and unique collection of bunk beds will help you and your child to pick the right one keeping in mind all your requirements. Opt for some theme-based storage beds to enhance both the mental abilities of your child and the look of the room. If you like the article do let us know in the comment section below and also mention your favorite bed.

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