Best Cabin Beds For Children With Guide, Types & Reviews

Cabin beds also known as mid sleeper beds are the ones which have an elevated bed with an incorporated ladder and a space below the bed that your children can use in different ways, for storage, as a study area, or simply as a play area. Cabin beds can be used by children of any age but 6 years of age is usually preferred for safety and security.

Cabin Beds

The multi-functional space under the bed can store toys, school papers and even extra bedding. You can transform the underneath area by adding a desk, a walk-in-wardrobe, or a play area depending on the age and preferences of your child.

For safety and security, you can add safety rails on the sides of the cabin beds. Installing a cabin bed is the best way to maximize space, add storage solutions and the kids will definitely get fascinated by it.

Advantages Of Cabin Beds

#1 Space saver

Cabin beds work great as space savers. The space underneath the bed can be utilized as either a mini playground or space for desks and shelves for your children.

Space Saver

#2 Money saver

Cabin beds turn out to be much more inexpensive than buying single beds with additional storage’s. Moreover, there are no additional costs for fitting headboards or bed-springs.

Money Saver

#3 Adjustability

Mid sleeper or high beds are structured in such a way to allow adjusting the height as and when the kids grow. It saves up on the economical aspect thereby preventing the need of buying a new one at a short interval. Some of these beds can be separated into twin beds also if there is a separate need.


#4 Fun and imaginative experience for your child

Sleeping on mid or high beds push the imaginative and creative streaks of your child thereby encouraging imaginative game plays over the bed while sleeping.

Fun And Imaginative Experience For Your Child

#5 Instills virtues

Mid sleeper also comes as double-Decker beds wherein both of your kids can share the same room and the same bed. This very basic idea of sharing will instill in them the very virtue of sharing and being courteous towards others.

Instills Virtues

Disadvantages of ​Cabin Beds

#1 Safety Precautions

The foremost concern with the mid sleepers or high beds is that there can be fallout’s or unease in movement if not well guarded with safety rails. It is advised that the bed should be well equipped with safety rails and a good ladder or stairs for the security of the child.

Safety Precautions

#2 Claustrophobia 

Some kids can experience claustrophobia while being close to the ceiling. You should improvise the room with a layout for the free flow of air in the room.


#3 Tucking the upper bed

You may face problems while tucking the sheet because the bed’s height increases a little due to the mattress also so it is best suggested that tightly fit the bottom sheet so that in the morning you just need to spread the duvet and you are done with your bed making exercise.

Tucking The Upper Bed

#4 Putting a dozing kid to the upper deck

There are times when kids doze off on either your bed or the sofa while playing or watching TV. Then putting them on their bed becomes all the more difficult depending upon the weight as well.

Putting A Dozing Kid To The Upper Deck

Types Of Cabin Beds

#1 Spacious Mid-Sleeper/Loft Beds

This low loft twin-sized bed is ideal for children thereby creating an open lower area for many uses. You can either add a study desk to the bed or additional storage’s for better organisation in the room. The bed comes with sturdy guardrails for the safety of your child.

Low Loft Beds

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  • The bed is sturdy and offers great safety.
  • Instructions were really simple and helped in the proper assembling of the product.
  • The bed works great for small rooms thereby organizing them.


  • The bed turned out to be a little difficult to assemble for some people.

#2 Low Loft Bed With Drawers

This low loft has huge drawers for easy storage with an in-built study table that can be pulled in and out and doesn’t occupy a separate space. The bed also has bookshelves so that you can arrange your kid’s books there itself. So, it serves as an all in one bed. The need is sleek and simple and perfectly fits with all decors.

Low Study Loft Bed

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  • The product is sturdy and is made from solid pine wood.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • The height is appropriate for almost all age groups.
  • The space behind the desk can be used as a little reading nook.


  • The bed parts are not labelled which poses a lot of difficulties for the buyers.
  • Some of the bed pieces don’t coincide well the holes in the bed.
  • The bed has poor assembly and shakes with movement.
  • For some buyers, some of the bed pieces were missing and ones which arrived were of very cheap quality.

#3 Metal Loft Bed With Slide

This low loft has a sturdy metal frame for better durability. It includes slats so there’s no need of a box spring or foundation. It accommodates a standard twin-sized mattress and a guardrail that runs along the length of the bed. It comes with a slide apart from the ladder. It leaves a lot of space underneath the bed to be either used as a play area or for adding any piece of furniture.

Low Metal Loft Bed With Slide

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  • The bed is sturdy due to the metal framework.
  • The assembly of the bed is really easy.
  • The parts are professionally packed and labelled.
  • The bed is inexpensive and is sturdy enough to hold up to 200lbs of weight.


  • Some consumers were not happy with the quality of the bed.
  • The edges of some of the parts are sharp.
  • Some consumers complained of low guardrails being completely unsafe for their little kids.
  • For some buyers, multiple bed parts were missing leading to an unsatisfactory assembly of the bed.

#4 Children’s Loft Bed With Storage

This mid sleeper is attached with lots of storage’s catering all requirements. It comes with huge drawers, cabinets, an adjustable drawer at the side of the bed and open storage spaces. The underneath space can be either utilized as a little playful nook by your child or to store some huge toys.

Junior Loft Bed With Storage

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  • The bed is sturdy and feels solid.
  • The directions for assembly are clear and super easy and quick.
  • No part of the product turned out to be misaligned.
  • The drawers have rolling sliders and work easily.


  • Few buyers complained about the cheap quality and that the bed keeps falling apart.
  • Consumers were disappointed with the bottom part of the bed as it started falling apart really quick.
  • The dresser drawers, cabinets everything started falling apart for few making it unsafe for their little ones.
  • The ladder could have wider wooden steps for safety and convenience instead of narrow plastic pieces.

#5 Basic Low Metal Loft Bed

This basic low bed is built of a sturdy metal framework with attached shelves underneath the bed and detachable study desk. The bed is sleek, sturdy, modern and great for space-saving needs, easy storage and a desk that stows easily under the bed.

Basic Low Metal Loft Bed

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  • The durable metal frame supports 250lbS.
  • The bed includes support slats so there’s no need of a box spring.
  • The directions for assembly are simple and the bed turns out to be sturdy.
  • The underneath left space can be utilized as a little reading nook.


  • Some buyers complained of the flimsy metal quality.
  • The screws were not well fitted for a few buyers.
  • Consumers complained that the bed was unstable and squeaky.

These were some of the cabin beds which cater to your different needs of storage, desk, shelves, or a play area. For more information on cabin beds please refer to the main page.

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