Best Double Beds For Kids- Design & Ideas

While setting up a kids room, the most important element we look for in a bed. The Double bed varies in size, shape and structure. According to your requirements, you can go ahead with the desired composition of the Double bed.

Best Kids Double Beds

Now with solo kids its easier to choose the right bed but with two it gets a little difficult to please both of them with their demands and on top of that your requirements of a perfect bed pertaining to shape, size, storage and structure.

Here are some of the double bed’s design and ideas for your Kids that you can reach out for without compromising on your requirements and their demands of an ideal bed.

Best Double Beds For Kids – Design & Ideas

#1 Platform Kids Double Beds

Platform beds, also known as cabin beds has a base consisting of a raised, level, usually with a rectangular horizontal solid frame. They are also known as Full-Size beds and are modest to look at.

Platform Kids Double Beds

They cater your need for a double bed to give your children enough space for a healthy childhood. Though the bed seems simple you can decorate the outskirts of the bed with their favourite toys and games to give a more exuberant atmosphere.

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#2 Bunk Double Beds For Kids

They belong to the double category but with single beds each one on top of the other. They provide personal space to your children, without separating their rooms.

Bunk Kids Double Beds

These types of bed are space-conserving ones assisting you with cabinets and drawers also so that the room is uncluttered. You can add the details as per your child’s demand on each bed or give the room a single theme.

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#3 Loft With Trundle Kids Double Beds

Now loft beds are single beds with a bunk structure, usually at a higher altitude than rest of the beds. Loft beds can be transformed into double beds by adding a trundle bed to it.

Loft With Trundle Kids Double Beds

The trundle bed can be pulled out when required saving the extra space or can be laid out permanently. Due to its trundle structure, it increases the space for your children to play around comfortably.

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#4 Twin Kids Double Beds

By adding two twin beds to a single room serves your purpose of double beds. They create an individual space for each child keeping them autonomous with separate drawers and cupboard for each child. It gives them enough space for movement.

Twin Kids Double Beds

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#5 Full Loft Kids Double Beds

Part of the loft family, it provides a playful and modern design to your child’s room, allowing you to reclaim much-needed floor space in style. The spacious area underneath the bed is the perfect place to create a seating lounge or anything else you can think of.

Full Loft Kids Double Beds

This customization loft bed will easily fit into any decor, bringing a simple, traditional design. For safety, there are full-length guardrails to prevent falls during the night.

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#6 Twin Over Twin Rustic Kids Double Beds

Now, this twin over twin bed gives a unique country vibe to your children’s room. The base remains the same as that of a bunk bed but the facade is structured into a real rustic construction to achieve the desired effect.

Twin Over Twin Rustic Kids Double Beds

You can either adopt a proper bunk structure or a low bunk as per your demands. Low Bunk will not provide you with enough storage but the overall country vibe would match with it. Proper bunk structure will provide you with enough storage capacity and you can also match it to the rustic theme through your creativity.

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#7 Canopy Equipped Double Beds For Kids

These are normal platform beds with canopy embellishments. These beds can be either used with or without storage. You can add a canopy on the bed in various colours as per the children’s demand.

Canopy Equipped Kids Double Beds

Mostly liked by girls hues of pink, white and lilac go the best. You can also decorate the canopy with lights, flowers, feathers, etc. This also functions in protecting your child from insects while adding an enchanting atmosphere to the room.

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#8 Full Loft With Desk Kids Double Beds

Initially, the loft bed just served the purpose of a single bed with obviously saving your maximum space. Our modern-day needs have changed everything along with the structures of our beds.

Full Loft With Desk Kids Double Beds

The loft beds have now transformed into full/double beds for your kids while giving an extra space of a desk to study or work as per their requirements without compromising on the storage capacity as well.

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#9 Full/Double Storage Kids Double Beds

Belonging to the platform family, these beds come with large storing capacities. If you are specifically looking for a comfort-cum-storage bed this one is apt for you.

Full Double Storage Kids Double Beds

With the advantage of a double bed for both your babies, it provides you with a lot of space to store little toddlers things. Hence accumulating all the mess. You can add little plants to enhance a simple yet elegant look of the room.

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#10 Full Over Full Bunk Kids Double Beds

If your kids love space and don’t want to share their personal bed-space with anyone then this bed goes for you completely. This is a bunk structured bed with two full-sized beds on each platform.

Full Over Full Bunk Kids Double Beds

Generally, a metal framework is used for its construction to give a sturdy structure to the bed for support and durability. The safety features include a metal ladder with rounded edges and full-length quad-rails for the upper bunk.

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#11 House Full Loft Kids Double Beds

If you have little toddlers simple loft beds can be boring for them. Instead, you can reconstruct loft beds into amazing characters or themes according to their liking.

House Full Loft Kids Double Beds

Nowadays simple yet elegant looking stuff is preferred, but to give some dimension to your kids’ room you can build a mini-house on their loft bed, by, of course, saving a lot of space. You can decorate this bed with their favourite soft toys, lights, etc.

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#12 Loft With Closet Kids Double Beds

Nowadays everyone prefers all-in-one kind of things. Neither anyone has that much of time to go about and search for a variety of single things nor money to spend on an individual item for the room. And on top of that space is a big issue to accommodate individual items.

Loft With Closet Kids Double Beds

So all in one philosophy has come up even with the latest collection of beds. It is accompanied with chest drawers, cabinets, desks and a full-fledged wardrobe. And then most importantly for a second bed, there is a trundle arrangement to save the space.

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#13 Luxurious Car Kids Double Beds

Theme based beds are quite in vogue nowadays. Car beds give your children’s room a vibrant sporty look, with bold details and silver gunmetal finish.

Luxurious Car Kids Double Beds

They have a metal framework for construction to give strength and durability to your bed and that desired sturdy look. They at once attract your little ones to sleep with their minute mechanical details without making your sleep process difficult.

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#14 Tent and Slide Loft Kids Double Beds

These are a type of low loft beds but can be transformed into double beds by your very own creativity. As it is divided into two parts you can add two different themes to the bed to make it look more playful, engaging and pleasant. Because one part of the bed is a loft you can add a slide to it with stairs at the other end.

Tent and Slide Loft Kids Double Beds

The other half can be created by bifurcating both the sections by a tent at the base with bedding inside. This way you are applying two different themes to a single bed invoking your children with some playful physical activity.

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#15 Beach Inspired Kids Double Beds

Now talking of themes, these beds have complete water inspiration of seas and oceans. If your children constantly demand a vacation to the beaches, this decor would be a perfect gift for them.

Beach Inspired Kids Double Beds

The design of the bed can be transformed into either a ship or a fish with a wonderful sunrise view on the wall. Further, you can add little sea plants, colourful lights and shells to evoke a pretty beachy vibe.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Double Beds For Kids:

Question 1. What is a double king size bed?


In the US, beds are variably available as Twin which is two single beds; double is a normal double bed, equivalent of an English double bed; Queen is slightly larger (longer) double bed; King is even larger i.e it is wider which means it can be two twin beds pushed together or the same size.

Question 2. Is full and queen-sized beds the same?


A full-sized bed is mostly called a “double-bed” or simply a full-bed. But a double bed is larger than the twin-bed and smaller than the queen-sized bed. The diameters of a full-sized bed are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long while queen-sized is 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Question 3. What is the size of a double bed?


A double bed can be described as a bed that is small but can still manage to fit in two people. A double bed and a full-sized bed is one and the same thing whose dimensions are 54 x 75 inches or 137 centimetres x 191 centimetres.

Question 4. Can a double bed in the USA accommodate two children?


A standard full bed also called a full bed measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. A full/double bed can comfortably accommodate two children but may be too narrow for two adults who need their own sleeping space since each person gets just over 27 inches of space.

Hope this article was helpful enough to pick the right bed for your little ones as per your needs and their desire. If you liked this disquisition do let us know in the comment section below.

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