Best Beds For Girls: Different Types

Girls have a unique fascination for their bedrooms. From being a toddler to a pretty teenager they can’t resist the warmth of their room. It serves as a special place for them which has seen them taking their first step to the one out of the house, from playing hide and seek with friends and then with the world, their room has accompanied them in all.

From sleepovers with the family to sleepovers with their best of friends, the room has shared it all. It symbolizes a treasure box for you which is full of memories, secrets, happiness, cheers and much more.

Beds For Girls

The one thing that stands still despite all the changes in them or their room is the bed. For girls, it isn’t just a piece of furniture but a personal abode which they reach out every day after every struggle, every win. So, it is for you to choose the best bed that accompanies them through thick and corresponds with their personality.

Here Are A Few Considerations Before Buying A Bed For Your Girl:

1. Proper Selection

Selecting a bed for your girl is not that easy as it seems. The “pink theory” always doesn’t go well with all the girls. Opt for beds that are really comfy and offer her a variety of storage‘s, if you are looking for a long time investment.

2. Functionality

Select a bed keeping in mind the number of functions you want it to perform. Like do you want it with complete storage capacities or space savers, or sleepover friendly? Sleepovers with friends are an important part of your girl’s life, so beds with trundle beds or bunk beds will be ideal for you.

3. Bedroom Layout

Planning her room beforehand is always a good option rather than just randomly stuffing the room. You can adopt a particular theme for her room depending on her liking and disliking.

4. Your girl’s preferences

Know your child’s preferences for her little abode. Her favorite colors, cartoons, motifs are really important to keep in mind before going for any purchases. Always take into consideration her personal style to ensure the right bed which she adores.

5. Design Diversity

You have a lot of options available rather than being just color specific for girls. They range from platform canopies, princess carriages, castles to beach shackles, etc.

6. Budget options

You need to be very clear about the budget pertaining to beds. Theme beds do cost a little high but are personal favorites among girls. Or if your girls are not interested in bling princess beds opt for something different like beach houses or rustic huts, etc. You can buy the bed structures as separate parts and fix it yourself, this will definitely save up on your money.

7. Storage

With girls, it becomes all the more mandatory to go for high storage options. You can either add separate storage’s or buy beds with inbuilt storage’s. Beds with storage’s are a better option as it saves up on your room space and comes in a variety of options pleasing your little one for sure.

8. Safety

Safety is the foremost thing you look for while purchasing a bed. Look for a bed with rounded edges and guardrails if you are going for high beds. The in and out movement along the bed should be smooth with proper steps or stairs. You can also go for beds with a slide to add a fun element in the room.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, let us have a look at some of the beds which cater well with your requirements and your girl’s demands.

List Of Best Beds For Girls

#1 Princess Carriage Beds 

Girls who are in love with their favorite Disney princess will love to have such beds. They are shaped as pretty carriages with imprinted princess stickers on it. You can add little storage’s at the ends of this bed.

Princess Carriage Beds

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#2 Play Tower Beds 

Play beds are a fun alternative to regular beds. You can either transform a regular bunk or loft bed to incorporate any imaginative play themes.

Play Tower Beds

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#3 Beachy Waves

Beach-inspired beds are in vogue these days. The calmness it evokes has a different vibe altogether which soothes the very soul of your child. Adding storage’s to these beds is not an issue. You can always go for under space drawers to save up on space and increase storage.

Beachy Waves

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#4 Farmhouse Beds

If your girl loves visiting farmhouses and is attracted to an aura of a farmhouse, you should probably surprise her with a bed structured as a simple farmhouse. This structure is easy to build over any loft or bunk beds without compromising on storage.

Farmhouse Beds

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#5 Tent Toddlers Beds

For Toddlers, you need to be extra careful with the beds. Toddlers beds should be low to the ground for easy movement of your baby girl, the edges should be plain and rounded, guardrails should be on all the three sides with just on the edges of the fourth side. Go for a classic toddler bed and top it up with a tent.

Tent Toddlers Beds

The graphics on the tent can be of any cartoon character pleasing your little girl. By adding such creative tents over the bed will make their sleeping process much easy.

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#6 Padded/Velvet Toddler Beds

These little beds are covered with a soft cloth-like velvet or padded with cushions ensuring comfort to your little princess. The bed has a modern sleek finish to it with enlarged folded corners for safety.

Padded Velvet Toddler Beds

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#7 Toddler Beds With Storage

Toddler beds either classic or modern goes well with storage as well. You can add trundle drawers under the bed to store some essential stuff of your baby girl.

Toddler Beds With Storage

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#8 Full Loft With Desk Beds

If your girls are interested in some unique ideas for their room, they will love this full high loft bed in full metal construction for strength and a sturdy look. This high loft comes with an inbuilt desk ideal for studying and working on science projects.

Full Loft With Desk Beds

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#9 House Full Loft Beds

For your little girls you can restructure mid lofts into sturdy little house beds. Apart from little houses any cartoon characters or themes will go well with mid lofts pleasing your girls. Add some lights, curtains, or toys to enhance the look of the bedroom.

House Full Loft Beds

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#10 Bunk Beds

These are single beds with one on top of the other. They are space-efficient and assists you with good storage options. They are ideal for girls who love their personal spaces but wants to be in the same room. Quadruple and triple bunk beds are also available if your girls are fond of sleepovers.

Bunk Beds

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#11 Futon Beds

Futon beds are ideal if your girl is an avid reader or doesn’t like to mess her bed all day. She can relax and read on the futon or carry out with her daily activities. Futons are great for playing indoor games as well with family or friends. You can also add storage’s under the futon in a properly structured way.

Futon Beds

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#12 Canopy Beds

Canopy embellishments never go out of trend. Girls of all ages have a fascination towards canopies. Younger girls love bling canopies exciting them to sleep while playing. Teenagers go for simple yet elegant canopies imparting an enchanting atmosphere.

Canopy Beds

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#13 Slider Beds

Slides instead of stairs or ladders in a bunk or loft is trending nowadays. Attaching slides to beds adds a unique fun element in your girl’s bedroom keeping your worries at bay.

Slider Beds

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#14 Platform/Sleigh Beds

These are simple yet elegant beds with a vintage vibe to it. You can adopt any material for its construction like wood or metal to enhance the look that suits your child the best.

Platform Sleigh Beds

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#15 Antique Beds

Some teenagers have a unique fascination for antiques. What if you correspond a bed with their fascination. Go for an antique bronze finished metal bed. The detailing of the bed is very peculiar to its theme. Accessories the rest of the room with specific antique masterpieces amalgamating all the detailed structures for antiquity.

Antique Beds

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Beds For Girls:

Question 1. What age should a child start to sleep in her own room?


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should sleep in their parents’ room, but not in the same bed for at least the first six months of life, ideally for a whole year to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by as much as 50%.

Question 2. What is the best type of mattress for a child?


Pocket spring mattress often features comfy tufted covering layers, while memory foam mattress, being dense and body forming, will reduce the restless waking up of your child. The latex foam mattress is very breathable and is great for warm homes, or children who do not like hot temperatures within their bed.

Question 3. How to design a child’s bedroom?


Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while designing your child’s room.

#1 Keep the layout simple.

#2 Bring-in plenty of light.

#3 Choose accents that add color.

#4 Create the illusion of space.

#5 Cut out the clutter.

Question 4. Should a child sleep on a firm or a soft mattress?


Mattresses that are too firm or too soft are generally considered unsupportive for most of the sleepers. A medium-firm mattress is generally considered the most popular, but every child has its own preference so it’s important for the children to test out different mattress firmness in order to determine the best comfort level for them.

Question 5. What are good color options for a girl’s room?


Color is everything when it comes to a little girl’s room. The colors that will work out the best are blush pink, lilac, aqua, muted aqua, mint, turquoise, navy blue, coral, beige, ivory, berry, greiger, peach, rose, etc.

So, now with this extended knowledge about beds for girls lookout for your favorite bed which pleases you as well as your little girl. Bedroom remains a very personal space for your girl till she moves out from your house so choose wisely as it witnesses a major phase of her life while growing up. Try to mix your requirements with their demands for perfect room setup. Go on the links attached for detailed ideas and suggestions and do let us know how helpful our article has been for you.

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