Best L-Shaped Bunk Beds – Types, Considerations & Ideas With Reviews

Nowadays children are fascinated to a more attractive form of beds out of which bunk beds are the most popular. Bunk beds offer more space for playing, storage and of course people. Bunk Beds can be of great functional use by deploying smart methods of space with storage. Now L-Shaped bunk bed belongs to this very interesting category and unlike any typical bunk bed, the lower bed of L-shaped bunk bed is vertical to the upper bunk.

l shaped bunk bed

It creates an illusion L shape if looked down upon carefully while permitting a larger lower bed. Due to this arrangement, you get a full-sized bed with a twin-sized bed above it. The framework of the upper bunk carries the storage capacities in the form of drawers or shelves for better organization in the room.

L-shaped bunk beds are very much popular among kids as it offers them with comfort, ease and freedom to play. They can have great sleepovers together without giving you any hassle of providing with extra beds.

With L-shape bunk bed, even you can have a separate space for them and can spend quality time together while taking care of them.

Types Of L-shaped Bunk Beds

#1 Twin over Twin

The commonest of all, this bunk bed is perfect for limited space and fewer requirements.

#2 Twin over Full

If you have a larger room or planning a room for more than two people or you have two children with a big age gap sharing the same room then this bed is just ideal for your requirements.

#3 Full over Full

These beds are apt for bigger kids who like to have completely separate space for themselves and most importantly with this bed the intended room space matters a lot.

#4 Two Twins Loft

To maximize the floor space, there are bunk beds which offer two twin beds at the top keeping the bottom space completely free for a study desk or any other piece of furniture.

Advantages Of L-Shaped Bunk Beds

#1 Comfort and Privacy

L-shaped bunk beds are great in providing comfortable bed spaces for both your children maintaining their privacy.

Comfort and Privacy

#2 Array of Designs

The L-shaped bunk beds come in a variety of sizes and designs catering everybody’s needs and requirements. These beds just don’t work for children but adults as well with sharing accommodation.

Array of Designs

#3 Functionality

These beds work as great space savers as compared to fitting two beds in the same room. A room stocked with furniture will obviously not look good so you must invest in this one for a smoothly organised room.


#4 Storage

L-shaped bunk beds are usually accompanied by good storage options as well in the form of a desk, drawers, cabinets, etc.


#5 Inculcates Human Values

L-shaped bunk beds help in promoting a fellow feeling and a bonding between two siblings which goes a long way in creating the right relationship between two children.

Inculcates Human Values

Disadvantages of L-Shaped Bunk Beds

#1 Not Suitable For Very Limited Space

One of the disadvantages of an L-shaped bunk bed is that it takes up more space than a regular bunk or loft beds. It is not a good option if you are looking for a limited spaced room.

Not Suitable For Very Limited Space

#2 Not Suitable For Claustrophobia

This is not a good option for people suffering from claustrophobia because it would be really difficult for them to adjust to the lower bunk.

Not Suitable For Claustrophobia

#3 Safety

Safety measures are really important to people with this bed because any leverage with it can lead to mishappening.


Things to consider while buying an L-shaped bunk bed

#1 Room Size

Before selecting any bed it’s really important to measure the available floor space and the height of the room. So, when you go out for purchase or browse online you are sure about the measurements and always take care of the head-space left for the top bunk.

#2 Material and Finish

This deals with what the bed frame is made up of. Mostly wood and metal are used as sturdy material for the construction of the bed. Pine and walnut are the commonly used material and generally last long. Finish here refers to any kind of paints, topcoats, or treatments done to the bed frame for an enhanced look.

#3 Safety Features

With bunk beds, safety needs to be looked upon first. The top bunk should be guarded well with either sturdy metal guardrails or wooden panels to prevent any falling off while tossing and turning at night. Some beds are also accompanied by rails at the sides of the ladder as well.

#4 Access

Access here refers to the in and out movement from the bed by your child. Most of the beds have ladders and some have steps for easy movement. A night light is really necessary for the room with these types of beds.

#5 Storage Spaces

A good L-shaped bunk bed always offers great storage with it in the form of drawers or shelves. Some of the beds even come with built-in cabinets or study desks as well.

Some Of The Bunk Beds Available

#1 Twin over Full

This one is perfect for people with larger rooms or greater capacity for both people and storage.

Twin over Full

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  • Solid pinewood construction.
  • Mattress ready.
  • Weight capacity for the top bed is 250lb.
  • The instruction and assembling of the bed are easy.
  • The finish of the wood is uniform and attractive.


  • The slats are metal rather than wood.
  • The foot and the top bunk is not secure due to splits and needs extra support.
  • Multiple hardware sets were missing for some buyers on the delivery of the product.

#2 Full over Full 

Ideal for children with greater ages as well as requirements for a sturdy bed and greater sleeping space for privacy.

Full Over Full Bunk Kids Double Beds

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  • It is built of a sturdy metal frame.
  • It includes guardrails for the upper bunk and integrated ladder.
  • The instructions and assembly is not a problem.
  • Has enough space between the upper and the lower bunk for comfortable head-space as well.


  • The bed squeaks incessantly even after tightening all the parts multiple times for some buyers.
  • The bed proved out to be very unstable for some.
  • The bedframe turned out to be flimsy for some and was not sturdy enough to hold an adult body.

#3 Three Tier Twin Bunk

This bed offers individual space to three people without making them feel claustrophobic. The design of the bed is arranged in a peculiar fashion without occupying much space. You can separately add storage’s below the bed or order one with it.

Three Tier Twin Bunk

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  • Great quality, solid wood.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Twin size trundle bed is included.
  • Worked out great for people with limited space and an increased number of people.
  • Large guardrails and fixed ladder for safety.


  • No cons yet.

#4 Triple Twin Bunks

This bed possesses a unique L-shaped corner design. They are built of heavy metal material with sturdy metal slatted guardrails for safety. The weight limit per bed is 200lbs.

Triple Twin Bunks

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  • The beds are sturdy and look stylish with a metal finish.
  • The directions are clear and assembly is simple.
  • No box spring required.
  • A fixed-step ladder for comfortable and safe movement.


  • Few hardware parts were not labelled.
  • The screw count was offset for some buyers.

These were some of the L-shaped bunk beds that will define your child’s room with enough room for space and storage.

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