The Best Loft Beds With Incredible Ideas, Types & Reviews

Their often demands about “high beds” by your children nowadays have created a lot of fuss around this term. These “high beds” are actually known as loft beds. These beds are built on a similar structure of a bunk bed but with a slightly higher price tag as it is a raised bed supported by posts, but instead of a bunk, there is an open space.

Loft Beds

Usually, a desk or chest of drawers can be found in this space, and the more comprehensive models may feature desks or storage features already built as part of the frame. The main advantage of a loft bed is the huge amount of floor space it frees up right underneath the bed.

Unlike, a bunk bed this lower space is occupied by the lower bunk, a loft bed allows you to create a free play space with attractive accessories. A storage space with drawers or cabinets or an area to add a desk or a sofa/futon.

Types Of Loft Beds

  • A Low Loft is apt for elementary school-aged kids. You can add slides or play curtains to attach some fun element to their room.
  • A Mid Loft is perfect for children above 5-6 years of age. You can easily add storage’s to this bed so the room remains clutter-free. You also go for mid lofts with an in-built desk as well.
  • A High Loft leaves plenty of space to add desks or additional storage’s under the bed. High school or college students find these lofts as totally perfect for them.
  • A Corner Loft combines two loft beds across a corner from each other. It is great for kids sharing a room and you can utilize the floor space as per your requirements.
  • Loft with Futon work great for children who like to clutter on their bed, thereby making your job easier in organizing them.

Advantages Of Loft Beds

#1 Monetary Benefits

Bunk or loft beds are pocket-friendly since with them you don’t need to go for extra bed stuff such as box springs or headboards. With these beds, the overall cost of building the house is reduced as it creates a lot of space and there’s no need for extra rooms then.

Monetary Benefits

#2 Flexibility/Space Saving

With a loft bed you should not worry about your children’s transition from one room to another when they grow up. As there is a lot of free space available underneath the bed which can be utilized either as a study area or a play area according to the transition.

Flexibility Space Saving

If the child wants to shift to a bigger bed you can place the bed beneath the loft and leave the upper bed as it is which can be further utilized as a spare bed.

#3 Extra Storage Space

One of the benefits of loft beds is that it provides you with huge storage capacities. You can also add a workstation underneath the bed with small cabinets so as to properly utilize the space.

Extra Storage Space

#4 Variations

Loft beds come in a wide array of styles. For a traditionally styled room, you can go for wooden lofts they go perfect with such decors. For a more urban or modern decor, you can opt for metal loft with or without a workstation.


#5 Extra Space For Families

Loft bed is a great piece of furniture for growing families. With a loft bed, you get a two-for-one deal benefiting you during sleepovers or with guests.

Extra Space For Families

Disadvantages of Loft Beds

#1 Risk Of Falls

Loft beds tend to be high generally so it is necessary that they are well equipped with high guardrails to prevent any falls. Because without safety rails your children can easily roll down the bed even with low lofts and can hurt themselves.

Risk Of Falls

#2 Metal Framework 

Metal framework of the bed usually doesn’t work well with children. They have sharp edges and are generally unstable and have a squeaky sound during movement.

Metal Framework

#3 Difficult To Make High Lofts

With high lofts it becomes really difficult to tuck in the sheets or wake the child. Due to its height, you have to struggle each day in tucking the sheets and mattress.

Difficult To Make High Lofts

#4 Stuffy Ceiling

During summers, your child may feel hot and stuffy on loft beds as it is believed that warm air often accumulates under the ceiling. Without proper air conditioning, the child will find it quite difficult during summers no matter where the bed is.

Stuffy Ceiling

#5 Access

You should opt for beds with stairs instead of a ladder as they are safe and provides you with extra storage as well in the form of drawers underneath the stairs. Ladders especially metal ladders can be really unsafe if not supported by safety rails.


Some of the loft beds that cater to your requirements are

#1 Mid Loft Bed With Shelves

This sturdy mid loft is constructed of solid wood and has in-built ladder and shelves for storage. The ladder is in the form of slats providing enough foot space to clomb on comfortably. The shelves provide plenty of space for storage and display space for books, toys and accessories. The sturdy safety side rails will keep your little one secure and sound while they sleep and dream.

Mid Loft Bed With Shelves

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  • The bed is constructed of solid wood.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy instructions.
  • Compatible with twin size mattress.
  • Storage space is great and offers enough free space as well.


  • Product dimensions were inaccurate for some buyers.
  • Some of the hardware pieces were damaged beforehand as complained by few buyers.

#2 Loft With Trundle Bed 

This bed features a single twin at the top as loft and a trundle bed at the bottom. It has a number of storage options attached like an in-built desk, chest drawers, shelves and a little closet. This bed is ideal for people who are low on space and want maximum storage.

Loft with Trundle Beds

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  • Solid pinewood construction.
  • Slat kit included which makes the bed mattress ready.
  • The directions for assembly is straightforward.
  • Great storage capacity, perfect for small bedrooms.


  • Few buyers complained that the wood was damaged.
  • The drawers were of cheap quality for a few consumers.
  • The screws for the handles were too short.

#3 Full Loft Bed With Desk

This bed comes with a full bed as the loft. It has an in-built desk and chest drawers. The bed is ideal for high school or college students who need more sleeping space with a workstation and some storage with it for organizing their stuff.

Full Loft With Desk

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  • Solid pine wood construction with iron hardware.
  • It includes a slat roll foundation.
  • The ladder can be positioned either on the left or right side of the front rail.
  • The weight limit is 200lbs.


  • Assembly of the product is a little difficult.

#4 Loft Bed With Slide

This mid loft has a slide attached to it with a ladder to give some fun element to the bed. It is constructed of solid pinewood. It includes slats for stronger support and no box spring is needed.

Loft Bed With Slide

There is a lot of free space available underneath the bed, you can utilize it by adding either a desk or some cabinets to organised the room.

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  • Sturdy bed construction.
  • Great quality.
  • Straight built-in ladder for stability.
  • High railing for safety.
  • Free usable space underneath the bed.


  • No cons yet.

#5 Tree House Loft Bed

If you are planning to buy a theme-based bed for your child then this one is perfect. It is a rustic themed treehouse bed. It also features storage in the form of drawers under the bed.

Tree House Loft Bed

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  • Solid pinewood construction.
  • Great quality.
  • It has a rustic sand finish.
  • Finished with non-toxic paint and is CARB certified.


  • No cons yet.

These were some of the loft beds that will definitely go well with your requirements. To have a further look at more loft beds.

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