Best Loft Beds For Kids – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide, Design & Ideas

Is your kid demanding a new “high bed” seen at their friend’s house? And are you wondering what these high beds are actually called? Here we will share the complete guide and design/ideas for best kids Loft Beds. This is the perfect space for all your questions pertaining to “high beds”, their shape, size, optimization, etc.

Loft Beds Guide For Kids

Now first we will understand what these “high beds” are?

The high beds your kids are talking about and you are wondering about are known as Loft beds. A loft bed is a type of bunk bed elevated from the floor for the purpose of creating open space underneath which can be utilized for drawers, cabinets or work station. They also have built-in capacities and can be efficient use for small spaces.

Why Consider Loft Beds For Your Kids?

#1 Space Efficient

Loft Beds are great space savers due to its structure. They provide you with maximum space for working, playing, or storing. They come up with either built-in capacities, or provision for cabinets to be attached. They provide vast space to your kids for studying playing and also hosting little kids parties.

#2 Fun Components

You can transform simple Loft bed into fun-filled play area by ascribing fun themes to the room by either adjoining a tent, mini-house, cartoon themed tent, slides, etc. By adjoining such play features to the room, your baby would instantly engage with physical activities in his room leading to mental and physical growth and on the top of that, the room would look attractive.

#3 Hidey-Hole

In the toddler’s stage, children like to play games like hiding and seek or other games. Even when they grow as teenagers they would like to resort to personal space in their room.

Loft Beds are bifurcated on the basis of height – Low Loft Bed, Mid Loft Bed, High Loft Bed, and Ultra-High Loft Bed.

Below is our expert advice on choosing Loft beds for your kids.

How To Choose Best Loft Beds For Your Kids:

1. Frame Height

Before buying a loft bed you should keep in mind the height of the frame. Because loft beds are meant to be high, but depending upon the age, height, and weight of your baby you can go for the perfect frame height of their bed.

2. Mattress Size

Mattress size is more of a personal choice, but then again it is subject to your toddlers need and comfort. The density of the mattress also increases the overall height of the bed so you should keep this thing in mind.

3. Weight Capacity

Not all loft beds are made for every weight capacity. The higher the load the better material you should opt for.

4. Metal or Wood

Metal and wood both serve different purposes in a bed like designing, durability, etc.

5. Under-Bed Space

This is a very important aspect in a loft bed. You should buy a loft bed keeping in mind the space required under the bed either for playing, studying or storing.

6. Storage Capacity

Some people have a great demand for storage so they opt for loft bed. The higher the capacity for storage the better it is. You can buy one with built-in wardrobes, desks, drawers and cabinets to save both space and money.

Different Types of Loft Beds

#1 House Loft Beds 

These are simple loft beds and can be structured as a mini house upon the loft. It can be constructed on the Low and Middle loft bed. Adding a little house on the bed will give your child a feeling of belonging and would engage the kid more into the bedroom. This bed with amazing wooden finish decorated with some lights and toys would give simple yet an elegant look.

House Loft Beds Guide For Kids

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#2 Rustic Loft Beds

If your kid is fascinated towards the countryside and longs its scenic beauty, you can build a rustic themed hut sort of a thing with a color scheme like sand or ash perfect for either girl or a boy. You can add drawers or cabinets beneath it for storage. Wooden material is apt for such beds and their ladder.

Rustic Loft Beds Guide For Kids

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#3 Industrial Twin Loft

By hearing the word industrial what comes to our mind is iron, steel or smoke. Now configuring to these words comes our next bed. It is either a high or ultra-high loft bed made up of a metal framework giving a sturdy finish.

Industrial Twin Loft Beds Guide For Kids

It has some elegance attached to it with little sophistication. It is usually painted in dark colors invoking industrial vibe. You can either utilize the under space by adding a desk for television or a computer or just simply put some plants underneath.

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#4 Side or Ladder loft Beds

Now slide or ladder is both the basic requirements of a loft bed. They cater to all four types of loft beds pertaining to height. Ladder or slide is more of a personal option. Slides go well with toddlers whereas ladder is best for little grown-ups.

Side or Ladder loft Beds Guide For Kids

Or you can also add a slide to the corner of the bed if your grown-ups also wish for. Adding a slide gives a more fun element to the bed. The free space can be utilized for playing or storing things.

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#5 loft With Trundle Beds

These are high loft beds with a trundle bed. By adding a trundle bed, a twin loft caters the need of double beds too. This is very useful for another sibling or a sleepover night.

loft With Trundle Beds Guide For Kids

There can be both metal or wooden framework for this bed. You can add storage to it or get your hands on an in-built storage one.

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#6 Full/Double Loft Beds

Part of the loft family, it allows you to reclaim much-needed floor space in style. The under-space of the bed is the perfect place to create a seating lounge or anything else you can think of. It provides a playful and modern design to your child’s room.

Full Double Loft Beds Guide For Kids

This customization loft bed will easily fit into any decor, bringing a simple, traditional design. For safety, there are full-length guardrails to prevent falls during the night.

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#7 Wardrobe Loft Beds

These are high altitude loft beds with vast space for huge cabinets. This type of loft bed is created specifically for larger storage capacity. You can fit in a whole wardrobe underneath it with trundle drawers. This is a great space and storage-saving option if you are looking for one.

Wardrobe Loft Beds Guide For Kids

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#8 Full Storage loft Beds

Now loft beds come with low as well as high height. So, for storage, you don’t always have to go for high loft beds. You can create your own storage capacity with low loft beds as well.

Full Storage loft Beds Guide For Kids

You can add drawers or little cabinets under low loft beds. Even market place is now available with low loft beds with storage as well. They either have trundle drawers, cabinets or beds for people’s individual choice of storage.

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#9 Castle Loft Beds

Loft beds can be at times become boring for your little toddlers if they are kept really simple. To enhance the look of the room and the bed you can structure loft beds into pretty little castles with color scheme depending on your child.

Castle Loft Beds Guide For Kids

With this change what comes in is your child’s more engagement with the room making him put efforts to read or play in the room. You don’t have to worry about storage as well. In-built drawers or cabinets are the best for such decor.

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#10 Tent Loft Beds

Low or Mid loft beds can also be transformed into a little tent house for your toddlers. Ready-made tents are available in the market place to decorate the room of your kid. They have already designed graphics in different shapes and sizes. You can opt one according to your preferences.

Tent Loft Beds Guide For Kids

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#11 Traditional Low Loft Beds

These traditional low loft beds are at a very low height if, you have really young toddlers this can be apt for you. It has guardrails on all the sides to protect them from any fall.

Traditional Low Loft Beds Guide For Kids

The under space can be used to store all their toys so that they can be handy at any time. You can also add any graphics designed tent to decorate the periphery of the bed and turn it to a personal playing space for your little one.

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#12 Studio Loft Beds

In a studio loft bed, there is a high or an ultra-high loft bed with a working station beneath it. This one is a better option for grown-up kids. It generally has a metal framework to give a strong and sturdy look. The desk adhered is vast enough to fit any computer or a laptop with the space of opening books or notes as well. It is also accompanied by a convertible futon.

Studio Loft Beds Guide For Kids

Due to its distinct features, it has a long shelf life and can be used by your children even after they turn into adults. It is a long-time investment because this bed will never be out of use for them rather its more beneficial for them.

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#13 Junior Metal Loft Beds

Metal Loft Bed is favored due to its quality of high durability. You don’t have to worry about any sharp edges with it. It is particularly designed for children keeping in mind their safety.

Junior Metal Loft Beds Guide For Kids

The edges of the bed, as well as the ladder, has round edges. They have strong sturdy look invoking a modern contemporary feel. The area beneath can be transformed into an open playroom for the baby.

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#14 Loft Beds With Futon

Another category to loft beds is this one with a futon. Futon beds are ideal for babies who like to clutter on their beds. With a futon secured in the lower panel of the bed, it makes it easier for you to take care of this problem.

Loft Beds With Futon Guide For Kids

You can just make your baby sleep in the bed and for the rest of the day, he can pass his time playing, reading or eating on the futon. This would obviously make his bed less messy and cluttered.

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#15 L-Shaped Loft Beds

This L-Shaped Loft Bed has two types of bed in it. First being a bunk bed and second, being a loft. With this triple bed structure, you get extra space for the kids and for storage.

L Shaped Loft Beds Guide For Kids

The problem of sleepovers and desk with triple beds are easily solved with this type of bed. All three of them are accompanied by guardrails and gives contemporary style to your space.

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#16 Cottage Loft Beds

Little babies Loft Beds can be remodeled into a little cottage without digging a big hole in your pockets. You can fix a cottage shaped tent on the lower periphery of the loft bed to give a pretty cottage finish to the bed.

Cottage Loft Beds Guide For Kids

You can add a slide instead of a ladder to go with the theme. Cottage or country themes are the best for little ones as they vent a soothing or a calm environment.

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#17 Corner Loft Beds

Corner Loft Beds are particularly designed for corner spaces. Houses with less space or apartments can go for such beds. They are two lofts L-shaped beds, due to its corner position.

Corner Loft Beds Guide For Kids

You can occupy either whole of the space for storage by affixing drawers or cabinets or you can leave one section of the bed for playing while occupying the other for storage. By this, you can create room for both the kids as well as their belongings and a little play space.

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#18 Defense Loft Beds

You should not worry by just seeing the name of the bed. It is a normal loft bed and can be used either with storage or without. If your kid has a military aspiration, you can definitely transform his bed into a little cadet bed, so that his dreams are never on rest and gets constant encouragement.

Defence Loft Beds Guide For Kids

The periphery of this bed is constructed by a camouflaged printed tent or wood to give a sturdy look and wings to his dreams.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Loft Beds For Kids:

Question 1. How tall is a loft bed?


Any bed in which the bottom bed is at least 30 inches above the floor is a loft bed but practically, most people nowadays install loft beds at least 60 inches (5 feet) above the floor with of course proper guardrails to create usable space beneath the bed.

Question 2. How much weight can a loft bed hold?


There is no weight limit recommended by IKEA but with a general idea as per their regulations, the maximum weight limit for the upper bunk is 220lb including everything, mattress, pillows and comforter as well. However, the weight limit for upper bunk is 175lb and for lower bunk is 200lbs.

Question 3. What age can a child start using a loft bed?


Loft beds are totally not recommended for children below 6 years of age. Most of the children don’t have the coordination to climb down safely or to stop themselves from falling out. Even after 6 years of age, you should attach a firm ladder or stairs to the bed, put a night light nearby for easy movement and sturdy guardrails.

Question 4. What is the difference between a bunk bed and a loft bed?


A loft bed is similar to bunk bed except for the lower bunk attached to it. It frees the floor space for maximum utilization of the left under-space. It can be either used for building in large storage capacities like a wardrobe or some big cabinets or it can also be utilized to add any pieces of furniture for multi-purpose uses like a desk.

So, I hope this Loft Beds guide and ideas were helpful enough for you. Now you are ready to buy your little toddlers their “high bed”. If you liked this disquisition do let us know in the comment section below.

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