Best Mattress For Teenagers – Complete Buyers Guide

In today’s world, teenagers want it all and at its best. They have the latest phones, laptops, games, and much more.

Mattress For Teenagers

So, why not give them the best bed to wake on and work hard for their future to come? 

Teenagers have a lot to handle in this modern world, especially when they hit that point of exponential growth with its own set of challenges. This is a very sensitive phase for them as they need to get along with their raging hormones, friends, social media, etc.

It is really important for them to determine the best possible course of action regarding all these things. To decipher the right things at the right moment, they definitely need good sleep for their body which is only possible with a good mattress.

Research on teenager sleep suggests that teenagers need between eight to ten hours of sleep every night, which is more than the amount a child or an adult needs. But still, most of them get about 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep per night or maybe even less.

Not getting enough sleep regularly eventually leads to chronic sleep deprivation, which can dramatically affect your teenager’s life by impacting their mental well being, increasing their risk of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. This may also affect their academic performance at school. 

Buyers Guide To The Best Mattress For Teenagers

#1 Mattress Value

It is really important that your teenagers have the correct mattress to accommodate their changing bodies. They are likely to outgrow their bed by the time they reach adulthood.

Mattress Value

Which means investing in an expensive mattress is not a good option for you. Value evaluation should be seen as the relationship of cost v/s quality. Opt for sleep trials for proper assessment.

#2 Physical Changes

One of the concerns with teenagers is conforming ability. Teenagers experience “growing pains” that can cause frequent aches and discomfort in their body.

Physical Changes

A mattress that conforms their body shape, aligns with their spine and alleviate these pains will be a good option for most of the teenagers.

#3 Mattress Size

As teenagers are in their growing phases, they need something substantial. A Twin might seem okay when they are younger, but with their changing bodies, a Twin XL or even Full XL provides adequate support from early teens to full adulthood.

Mattress Size Guide

#4 Firmness

It is a relative term that refers to how a mattress feels to those who sleep on it. The mattress ranges from extra-plush, plush, medium, medium-firm, firm, to firmest.


#5 Sleep Positions

Sleeping positions of your child establish early in their lives and you are likely to be aware of it. For stomach sleepers firm mattress is the best as supports their belly and chest and prevents the spine from curving downwards. They should not sink into the mattress.

Sleep Positions

For back sleepers, Lumbar support is the most important factor. Here the support is needed to maintain the natural S curve.

Sleep Considerations  for Teenagers

Recent surveys suggest that despite the minimum amount of sleep required for teenagers which is 8-9 hours of sleep per night, adolescents get 6-7 hours of sleep in the U.S.

Sleep Considerations for Teenagers

How Mattress Plays A Key Role In Good Quality Sleep:

#1 A Right Mattress Comforts Your Child In Physiological Changes

The term “Growing pains” has literal connotations for teenagers as their bodies grow and develop, aches and discomfort become common occurrences. Circadian Rhythm, another important factor is an internal clock that regulates our sleep schedules by releasing hormones that make us feel sleepy in the evening and more alert in the morning. A good mattress relieves your children against these growing pains and eases their bodies so that they have a comfortable sleep and wake up all ready for the next day.

Physiological Changes

Most teenagers experience shifts in their Circadian Rhythm during and/or after puberty. These shifts lead them to get less sleep per night. But with the right mattress you can ease them which will put them to sleep early maintaining the right physiological balance in their body.

#2 A Good Mattress For Tight School Schedules 

The CDC for the benefit of teen sleepers recommended middle and high school classes to begin at 8:30 am. However, most of the states noted that their public schools begin earlier in the day and the average time falls between 7 am and 7:30 am which means that your children will have to wake up between 5 am and 6 am to reach school.

School Schedules

Now considering these shifts, teenagers are forced to get up hours ahead of their natural wake-up times leading to tired or sluggish bodies. Providing them with a good mattress will result in a good sleep at night while easing their bodies for greater efficiency in the morning.

#3 An Easing Mattress After Extracurricular Activities

Teenagers in their mid and high schools are quite busy with extra activities on top of studying. Other than passing grades they need to fulfill other commitments which include athletics, after-school clubs, school activities and even part-time jobs. All of these variables affect your teenagers’ sleep too. So as parents it comes up on your head to provide them with a comfortable mattress for an easy sleep so that they are ready for the next challenging day.

Extracurricular activities

#4 Improving Poor Sleep Conditions With A Great Mattress 

Poor sleep hygiene here refers to increased blue light exposure. Most of the devices with screens like televisions, computers, and smartphones emit blue light which is linked to poor sleep quality and limited sleep duration. Other factors affecting sleep include diet, exercise, exposure to substances like tobacco and alcohol, etc.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

This increase in poor sleeping habits is also due to a bad mattress which increases the discomforts to your body resulting in poor sleep conditions. Recent research showed that a good mattress reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60%, and back stiffness by 59% thereby improving the sleep quality by 60%. A good mattress always enhances sleep making you and your children less to prone to poor sleep hygiene.

#5 An Ideal Mattress Aids A Rapidly Growing Body

With adolescence comes growth spurts. These growth spurts leads to pain and discomfort intensifying at night. This continuous pain and discomfort lead to disrupted sleep patterns. An ideal mattress will comfort your child while offering them support, relieving the pressure points and help improve their posture.

Rapidly Growing Body

Some Grim Complications Caused Due To an Unsuitable Mattress:

1. Health Problems

A substandard mattress will lead to sleep deprivation which further results sluggishness in your children’s body making them less likely to engage in exercise or physical activity. This often leads to obesity and several other issues in consequence of obesity.

2. Cognitive Difficulties

Insufficient sleep is yet another consequence of using inferior mattress which often leads to poor academic performance, memory issues, inability to concentrate among your teens.

3. Mood Shifts

Mood swings are quite common among teens if they do not get enough sleep which quite often errupts from a miserable mattress. Their behavior display frustration and/or irritability with everyday tasks at a more frequent rate than well-rested adolescents.

4. Risky Behaviours

Studies have found that sleep deprivation among teenagers which is one of the possible consequence of a poor mattress often leads to a higher risk of using tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Even driving performance among teenagers is affected adversely.

5. Mental Health Issues

Teens who do not get enough sleep/rest are at a higher risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders as their body requires a satisfactory amount of rest or sleep which is enhanced with a good mattress.

A new mattress will not address all the variables or causes that complicate sleeping for teens. However, a sleep surface that is comfortable and supportive has the potential to significantly improve sleep quality and duration among your teenagers.

List Of Best Mattress For Teenagers

#1 Linenspa Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress combines the comfort and softness of the memory foam with the bounce and support of innerspring. It contours the body shape with the relief of pressure points for a medium-firm feel. The structure of this mattress helps in proper distribution of body weight for greater support. It helps align the spine for increased comfort of your teenager.

Linenspa Hybrid Mattress

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  • A Plush top layer of memory foam.
  • Finished with a cosy knit cover for greater comfort.
  • The mattress is compressed and shipped in a box for convenient delivery and setup.
  • It also offers gel infusion and individually encased coils.


  • Some of the buyers complained of Bed Bugs.
  • Some consumers were not happy with the comfort this mattress offered and complained of sore body and increased back pain.

#2 Nod By Tuft And Needle Mattress 

Personally, my favorite, this high-quality innovative foam has all the benefits of latex and memory foam without their typical drawbacks like sinking in or sleeping hot. The manufactured foam offers a cool sleep. It has the ideal balance between firm and soft and has localized bounce.

Nod By Tuft And Needle Mattress

The mattress works well with most frames and foundations, comes in all standard sizes and is made to last. The open-cell foam allows the air to freely flow throughout the night overcoming foam’s heat traps. The top layer adapts your body cradling your pressure points.

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  • Comfortable mattress at affordable prices.
  • Backed by 10 years warranty.
  • 100-night sleep trial so that you can actually decide if the mattress is right for you.
  • ​An ideal balance of soft and firm.


  • Some buyers complained of the mattress’s expandability. It did not expand to the promised inches.
  • Some complained that the mattress offered no support and was really soft on the edges too.
  • Some complained of it being way too firm for their body leaving it at the discretion of the buyers choice.

#3 Top Spring Mattress

This mattress is a firm,  which supports your body fully and relieves the pressure with I Coil Pocketed Springs. It comprises of hundreds of independent i Coil to virtually eliminate any motion transfer. The foam is of the highest quality for durability, content, and performance.

Top Spring Mattress

It offers exceptional support, keeping your child’s body aligned pressure-free for a great night’s sleep. The green tea extracts and activated charcoal in the mattress reduce odour, absorbs moisture and maintain the freshness.

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  • The foam is CertiPUR-US  Certified for durability, performance and content.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • The mattress plumps uprightly with no depressions.
  • It has a unique quality of being quite firm but also has a softness.
  • No transfer of motion.


  • Buyers complained of it being way too firm and not plush.
  • Indentations created giving you a sink in feeling.
  • The mattress starts sagging in a years time.
  • Edges of the mattress do not support as the centre of the mattress does.

#4 Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress comprises of 70% polyester and 30% rayon. The foam is cosy and great for a good night’s sleep. This mattress also serves the best for bunks of your teenagers or dorms.

Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It comprises of high-quality memory foam which conforms to the body to eliminate tossing and turning, and gel memory foam which relieves pressure and is resistant to allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. The foam slowly and automatically adjusts to your child’s body weight and temperature and provides luxurious stress-free support.

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  • Backed by 5 years warranty.
  • The right amount of support for people with back pain.
  • It is Adjustable Base Friendly.
  • It duly meets the CertiPUR-US program.


  • People complained of unexpandable nature of the mattress.
  • The dimensions stated do not stand true to its size.
  • The gel foam was not found satisfactory.

#5 Adaptive Foam Mattress

The adaptive foam provides support yet bouncy feel, perfect for all sleeping positions. It is claimed to be more advanced than materials like latex and memory foam which causes sink-in and sleep hot situation for your teenager and is the right blend of not too soft or hard.

Adaptive Foam Matress

It offers great pressure relief and localised bounce as they lie on the bed for a really long time. It helps to maintain a good posture and growth while your teenager is fast asleep.

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  • Better than Memory Foam.
  • Firm and supportive enough for a good posture – Ideal for teenagers growth.
  • 10 years of the limited warranty.
  • 100 nights of sleep trial.


  • The buyers came up with the problems of back pain.
  • No edge support.
  • Doesn’t expands to its full potential.
  • Depressions noticed in a years time in the mattress.

#6 Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress comprises of dual-layered Open-Cell Memory foam. Apart from the luxurious gel-infused memory foam, you are offered a high-quality responsive base layer of the premium polyurethane foam base.

Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It conforms to your child’s body providing proper spinal alignment which is a very basic need for the teenagers and relieves their pressure points. And on top of that, it is hypoallergenic making it apt for allergy sufferers.

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  • People claim that the mattress has helped them alleviate their pressure points.
  • Medium-firmness – Ideal for growing teenagers.
  • Supportive and comfortable for the body.
  • 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam.
  • Meets the federal flammability standards.


  • People reviewed that the firmness of the mattress gets really soft overtime making the mattress unsuitable for your teenager.
  • Indentations across the mattress for a long time.

#7 Memory Foam with GelFlex Foam Mattress

This mattress comprises of 2″ top layer made up of open-cell memory foam that contours the shape of your body relieve pressure and temperature. It provides increased blood circulation and healthy support to the body making it ideal for your teenager.

Memory Foam with GelFlex Foam Mattress

Underneath this a 3″ cooling Gel-flex which is engineered out of latex foam layer that combines liquid gel and high-density foam for enhanced pressure relieving comfort and greater cooling. The base mattress yields long-lasting durability and uses the excessive cool channel vented from increasing airflow. It is a tri-zone design that enhances the lumbar support for better growth of your teenager.

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  • The mattress is an adjustable base friendly one.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty period.
  • It can be used immediately after unboxing, unlike other mattresses.
  • Relieves pressure points for greater comfort.
  • Medium-firm.


  • No negatives to this mattress till now.

#8 Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattress is the best among all for teenagers as they are the best combination of memory foam and innerspring. It uses coils as support and memory foam as comfort layers, thus combining bounce with comfort and softness.

Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

All of this makes the mattress apt for the growth of teenagers. The heat traps of memory foam are suspended by the gel-infusion in the mattress.

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  • Backed by 10 years warranty.
  • No formaldehyde and low VOC’s.
  • No formaldehyde and low VOC’s.
  • Premium quality at an affordable price.
  • Proper distribution of body weight for greater support.


  • Cheap quality coils can be really harmful to the body and can increase back pain.

#9 Tri-Folding Mattress/Sofa Bed

This mattress comprises of an inch of gel memory foam on the top to reduce body heat. It regulates the sleeping temperature keeping your child cool while soothing their bodies.

Tri Folding Mattress Sofa Bed

This mattress can also be used as a fold-on cosy couch perfect for lounging or gaming. It is quite easy to carry or store or transform at any second.

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  • The mattress is thick and comfy for your teenager who is always on the go.
  • It is cushy and just feels like a real mattress.


  • No negative reviews yet.

#10  Two-in-one Copper-infused Memory Foam Mattress

This copper-infused mattress is best for teenagers who prefer mixed sleeping positions. It provides cooler sleep and variable support. This mattress comes with the great advantage of two firmness levels in one mattress i.e. medium soft one side and firm on the other.

Two in one Copper infused Memory Foam Mattress

The Thermo Gel reacts to body temperature and works as an excellent heat disperser. It works with any platform and has an adjustable base.

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  • The mattress offers you 120-night trials.
  • Alleviate pressure points.
  • Regulates the sleeping temperature for a calm sleep.


  • People complained of intense back pain and stiffness of the body.
  • The mattress sagged and lacked support within a years time.

Tips To A Better Sleep With A Great Mattress:

In addition to some good sleeping habits, the following strategies will help your teens get the best and most comfortable sleep – 

  1. Apart from limiting the caffeine and nicotine intake before bed, your children should choose a mattress that suits their body type well by either testing it out just before purchase or ordering one with sleep trials for some specific number of days.
  2. A good mattress with medium-firm feel will easy your child’s physiological pains and changes thereby putting them to sleep early avoiding an increase in Blue light exposure too.
  3. If your child suffers while sleeping you should provide them with adjustable foam mattress and dim the bedroom lights which will help induce good sleep while reading.
  4. Opt for a mattress which offers good support to your children’s body and relieve their pressure points and apart from this inculcate in them a good sleeping routine for longer and better sleep.
  5. The bedroom temperature should be adjusted according to your teen’s requirements because ideal sleep temperature is very essential for a good quality sleep in addition to a good mattress as well which dispenses the extra body heat thereby maintaining an ideal bodily temperature for a sound sleep.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Mattress For Teenagers:

Question 1. How to choose a mattress for a teenager?


As a teenager is in the growing stage, the mattress for them should cater to their changing physical needs. You as parents should keep in mind certain factors while purchasing a mattress for them like the correct size of the mattress, select the right support type and level of comfort, decide on the durable design and foundation.

Question 2. What should be the firmness level for a teenager’s mattress?


A teenager requires a mattress that goes well with their physical needs. The comfort expectation is totally subjective but ideally, a medium-firm mattress is apt for the overall growth and comfort of your mattress.

Question 3. Which is the best type of mattress for teenagers?


Mattresses for teenagers come in open and pocket springs, memory foam and latex varieties each offering various benefits. The most important thing for them while sleeping is support. The most supportive mattresses are spring, latex and memory foam providing enough support, breathability and firmness respectively.

Question 4. Is memory foam good for teenagers?


Memory foam and to some extent latex, are good options for easing the aches and pains of the teenage years. However, a firm base is also good for supporting their growing bodies. So, an innerspring or a high-density foam mattress with softer memory foam or adaptive foam would be ideal for them.

Choosing the right mattress for teenagers isn’t easy. Look for mattresses that provide them with enough space and comfort to grow and suit their sleeping lifestyles. Before making the final decision go for the product reviews and sleep trials. Follow our guide and you’ll surely gift your teenager a wonderful sleeping space.

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