Best Single/Twin Bed For Kids – Design & Ideas

Choosing the right single bed for your toddlers out of a large diversity in the market space can be quite a task. To begin with, you need to have a clear idea about how do you want your child’s room to look. After this comes the kind of bed you want to invest in be it single, double, triple, quadruple, etc.

Best Single Bed For Kids

After having a clear basis you can further bifurcate them to either with storage, without storage or just peculiar theme based.

Below are the few important benefits of twin/single beds:

Benefits Of Twin/Single Beds

#1 Space Efficient

If you have a single baby and aren’t planning another one any time soon a single bed will turn out to be the best choice for your little one.

Space Efficient Abhi Beds Mattress

If you live in an apartment or you have limited space for your kid’s room, a single bed with good decoration will change the whole look of the room along with saving some space.

#2 Maximized Storage

Single/twin beds have the leverage to accommodate a lot of stuff making your room look clutter-free. They can adjust cabinets beneath or beside them.

Maximized Storage Abhi Beds Mattress

They can adjust a whole array of drawers beside them as well as underneath with trundle settings. Single beds even have the capacity to accommodate a full-size wardrobe with proper arrangements.

#3 Budget-Friendly

Twin beds due to its size are cost-effective as compared to full beds. You can invest in a single bed with good storage options decreasing the overall budget of your room.

Budget Friendly Abhi Beds Mattress

#4 Design Diversity

Twin beds come with a lot of design options catering to the needs of different people with different requirements. You can choose from a variety of options ranging from simple twin platforms to lofts, cabinets and the list goes on.

Design Diversity Abhi Beds Mattress

#5 Establishes Decor

Bed is a major part of a bedroom which vibes with your personality. So you need to choose the right bed with the right embellishments so that it vibes with your child’s personality and urges them to involve in playful activities.

Establishes Decor Abhi Beds Mattress

How To Choose The Perfect Twin Bed For Your Little One?

Want a perfect Twin bed for your little one? Make sure to keep below points in your mind before making the decision:

#1 Know your Requirements

Before going for a bed’s purchase you need to be very sure about your needs and requirements. You should be clear about the type of bed you want according to space, storage requirements, budget, and safety.

Know your Requirements Abhi Beds Mattress

#2 Know your Child’s Demands 

While purchasing a bed for your child you should be very clear about their demands and expectations regarding their room. Kids are really specific about their room with a range of ideas from the fairy-tale castles to car races or their favorite cartoon character. You should go with their preferences for ideas to make them indulge more with their room.

Know your Child's Demands Abhi Beds Mattress

#3 Useful Attributes

Twin beds are really useful. They can store a lot of stuff without occupying much space. They also come with built-in desks to make their working and studying activities comfortable.

Useful Attributes Abhi Beds Mattress

Single beds also have the feature to be transformed into double beds by either attaching one more platform to the already existing bed either at the top or by the side.

#4 Weight Capacity 

It is really important to choose the right bed for the right weight. Even if you are making a long-time investment go for heavy materials so that they can endure any weight.

Weight Capacity Abhi Beds Mattress

Important Note: Opt for beds which use heavy material in construction. If you choose loft or bunk beds, be sure about its height. Don’t go for really high beds for your children. Loft with a desk as well as storage is a really good option for single beds. And if not loft at least go for beds with storage they store all the petty stuff of your child.

Best Single Beds For Kids – Design & Ideas

Now which are the best single beds which complement all these Kids requirements? Here are our full list of design and ides.

#1 Loft Single Bed 

Loft beds are a part of the bunk lineage, but they are single beds owing to the needs of distinct customers. They have a higher altitude compared to the rest of the beds.

Loft Single Bed For Kids

They have a wooden or metal framework structured into a loft with the bed at the top and many chest drawers or a cupboard beneath them so as to give you a complete storage capacity with a bed.

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#2 Loft with Desk Single Bed 

These lofts can be made of metal to give a voguish touch to your child’s room. They do not offer much storage capacity, but you can add a study desk, Television desk, computer desk, etc.

Loft with Desk Single Bed For Kids

You can also add little plants to decorate this space for visual charm. They do not occupy much of your space but provides you with additional space. They are ideal for space-saving parents.

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#3 Mid Sleeper Single Bed

Now this bed is a kind of mid-loft with its bed on the top but somewhere in the middle position. Due to its positioning, you are presented with large storing capacities.

Mid Sleeper Single Bed For Kids

There can be a large array of drawers beneath them or small cupboards. You can also utilize the space by adding a little play way for your baby to engage them in physical activities.

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#4 Tent Mid Sleeper Single Bed

In this Mid Sleeper bed, you can add a tent encompassing the whole bed at the bottom. By doing this you can either transform this free space into a playhouse or a toys compartment for your kid or a place for storing random stuff.

Tent Mid Sleeper Single Bed For Kids

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#5 Themed Curtain Single Bed

Now, this bed means adding a themed curtain to a loft engulfing the lower space of the bed. It can vary from castle or princess themes to buses or trucks, etc. The storage capacity can then be utilized as per you or our child’s need.

Themed Curtain Single Bed For Kids

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#6 House Single Bed

House Beds are single beds constructed into a house-shaped exterior. Their structural design is more of a hut or a little house. They have a certain sleek and elegant vibe to them.

House Single Bed For Kids

You can either attach a trundle drawer to them or chest drawers at the opposite ends of the bed. You can decorate them with little curtains, lights, soft toys, etc.

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#7 Cabin Single Bed

Cabin beds are special kind of bunk beds but they own a single sleeping bed catering to needs of people for extra storage cabinets beneath as well as beside the bed.

Cabin Single Bed For Kids

They have greater storage capacity like a full wardrobe section to an array of drawers, desk space, etc. leading to less clutter and more manageable kids room. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs in the market catering everyone’s need.

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#8 Futon Single Bed

This bed has a unique structure with the exceptional quality of sitting as well as sleeping. Underneath the sleeping loft is a sitting space specially designed for kids who create a lot of mess in their bed.

Futon Single Bed For Kids

It has a large size sofa underneath the bed which can be utilized by your toddlers for either studying or having food or for board games. On top of that, it makes easier for you too, to sit and spend quality time with your little ones.

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#9 Single Special Storage Single Bed

These beds are simple yet elegant to look at it. They seem to be really simple but they cater to your complex needs and problems. They have multiple capacities for storage.

Single Special Storage Single Bed For Kids

They are available in distinct patterns, colors and materials. Their simple look can be transformed by your custom styles and thought process. Their trundle drawers can be used in the same manner or can be replaced just by shelves.

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#10 Canopy Single Bed

These are simple beds with or without storage. Beautiful canopies are attached to this bed to protect your baby from insects and to give enchanting serenity to the room. You can add lights, flowers, feathers, toys, etc. to the canopy to give a more pleasing effect.

Canopy Single Bed For Kids

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#11 Cartoon Single Bed

These are simple beds with or without storage. Beautiful canopies are attached to this bed to protect your baby from insects and to give enchanting serenity to the room. You can add lights, flowers, feathers, toys, etc. to the canopy to give a more pleasing effect.

Cartoon Single Bed For Kids

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#12 Cars inspired Single Bed

If your baby has a keen interest in cars or aspires to be a racer, this bed will probably give wings to their little dreams. This bed has a complete real-time car feel with amazing features of light and sound which will engage your kid for a longer period of time.

Cars inspired Single Bed For Kids

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#13 Cushioned Sleeping Bag Single Bed

This is a sleeping bag bed, totally cushioned, completely taking care of the comfort of your little one. It is apt for tender toddlers giving them tender sleep and warmth.

Cushioned Sleeping Bag Single Bed For Kids

It is available in a lot of variants like different styles, designs, cloth, etc. They are made up of damp-proof pad to not make your baby feel damp. It’s printing details and comfort value attracts a lot of kids.

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#14 Tree House Single Bed For Kids

Fascinations for tree houses by your child can be fulfilled at your house too. You can get a tree house structure built over a simple single bed with smart storage capacities too.

Tree House Single Bed For Kids

You can accessorize it with pretty bird motifs, nests, and utilize the shelves for keeping books, etc. The sides can be transformed into cabinets or desk as per the requirements.

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#15 Doll House Single Bed

Remember the times when you had a great fascination for dollhouses and yearned for them, and now this same inclination has passed on to your little one. But now you can fulfill their fantasy by not just buying them with little dollhouses but by creating one for them.

Doll House Single Bed For Kids

You can structure a loft bed into a dollhouse by accessorizing it with necessary doll inspired theme and cabinets. The railing attached at the end of the bed with graphic details of the dollhouse will also protect your baby from falling.

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#16 Slide Single Bed

Slide beds are the most popular among naughty kids. Children who love playing around and other outdoor activities would love these kinds of beds. They are loft beds with slides along with the ladder.

Slide Single Bed For Kids

Because of this distinct addition, the bedroom is converted into a playroom. Even your worries of getting them hurt while playing and playing outside till late at night cease. The periphery of the bed can be styled as per your themes like a castle, cartoon character, nature, etc.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Single/Twin Bed For Kids:

Question 1. Are single beds the same as twin beds?


Single and twin are the two names for the same bed size. This generally causes confusion among potential bed or mattress buyers. Twin is supposed to be the matching pair of a single bed. The bed measures 39″ x 75″ and is intended for one person only and is apt for children’s bedroom or a small guest room.

Question 2. What is a twin bed in the USA?


If we go by the US terminology, a twin bed there refers to a single bed only. Whereas other countries understand the twin bed as two identical single beds in the same room.

Question 3. Is a twin bed suitable for children?


Twin beds are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long making it suitable for younger children. An average-sized adult might be uncomfortable in a twin bed, but it generally caters well with the requirements of almost all children.

Question 4. What size is a single bed? And is a double bed longer than a single bed?


A single bed is 3 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long (91 x 190). This is the commonly used bed size for children which goes well with almost all kinds of kids as well as bunk beds. A small double bed is wider than a single bed but is smaller than a standard double bed. It is 4 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. A “small double bed” provides plenty of space and room for two children.

Hope this article was helpful enough to pick the right bed for your little one as per your needs and their desire. If you liked this disquisition do let us know in the comment section below.

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