Best Storage Beds – Types, Considerations & Ideas With Reviews

Storage can erupt as a big problem in your house with kids. From storing their little clothes to toys, shoes and everything which is used on an occasional basis becomes a big problem and results in a cluttered unorganized room.

storage beds

Already children leave their room in a helter-skelter state and if this state meets an unorganized section of their room it will definitely turn out to to be great chaos. To solve this unorganized problem there are special beds in the market place which offers you comfort with great storing capacities.

A storage bed is the one which lies some feet above the ground and is high enough to store some items under as well as beside the bed. These beds offer large storing capacities resulting in less clutter and organization in the room.

Important Note: A storage bed is available in an array of designs and measurements, its for you to choose wisely the height and everything of the bed that suits you and your child’s requirements keeping in mind the safety features as well.

Types Of Storage Beds Available

#1 Hydraulic

In hydraulic storage beds, the top lid can be raised completely and you can store stuff in the wide-open space. This works best for things which are not to be pulled out often. With the mattress weight on top of the lid, it becomes a little difficult to hold up the entire weight to open such beds for storage.


#2 Box Storage

This belongs to the hydraulic family, but the box storage beds have two folding top lids. This way you can open just one side of the bed and store things without bearing all the weight together.

#3 Drawers

This is the most commonly used kind of storage option. With the help of these, you can add up drawers either in the sides or under the bed to store things of immediate as well as occasional use.

#4 Cabinets

These are the latest kinds of storage’s available and possess large storing capacities. They go well with bunk, loft, mid sleepers, or cabin beds. They can be added on the sides of the beds occupying the left out space by the bed.


#5 Wardrobes

With the latest innovation and our growing needs of space-efficient things beds with a built-in wardrobe is preferred by many. Loft beds and wardrobes go well with each other but nowadays there are many beds which come up with built-in storage’s like a huge wardrobe.

Considerations While Buying Storage Beds

#1 Space

The amount of storage you need matters the most while buying a storage bed. Go for shallow drawers if you need to store smaller items either of everyday use or the occasional ones and for larger items go for storage’s which are greater in size and height.

#2 Surroundings

Surroundings also play a key role while opting storage beds. You need to be particular about the storage option you choose keeping in mind the surrounding space as well for easy functionality of the bed.

#3 Partitions

Some storage’s do have partitions in between them, so it becomes necessary for you to have a look at the partitioned boxes so that you can easily manage your storage.

#4 Base

Base of the bed also helps in choosing the type of storage you want. It’s important to check how the base of the bed rests on the floor? Factors like standing on wooden feet or resting the entire bed on the floor affect the type of base and thereby storage’s used in the bed.

#5 Design

Design also occupies a major position while deciding the storage type because many times the design of the bed hinders the storage offered. So, we need to check the design as well as the functionality offered with it for smooth storage.

#6 Durability

Durability is apex to storage beds. You should be able to asses how well the bed will be able to hold your regular weight as well as the stored items.

#7 Budget

Budget also plays a key role while selecting a good storage bed. You will obviously not wish to buy a cheap storage bed that can break down anytime soon due to overweight.


 Ideas For Storage Beds

#1 Bunk Beds

Bunk beds accommodate more than one person and some storage in the form of chest drawers or trundle drawers. Bunk beds save the horizontal space, accommodates more than one person and provides storage as well in the form of cabinets and drawers.

Bunk Beds

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  • Space efficient.
  • Storage is efficient.
  • Uncomplicated assembly of the bed.
  • Sturdy finish.


  • The instruction manual was not helpful.

#2 L-Shaped Bunk Beds 

L-shaped bunk beds are in a perpendicular configuration and allow increased space for people and storage. Drawers, shelves, or cabinets can be easily assembled in this bed.

L Shaped Bunk Beds

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  • Accommodates more people on the bed.
  • Has increased storing capacity.
  • Sturdy finish.
  • The upper bunk has guardrails.


  • Occupies more ground space.
  • Complicated to assemble.

#3 Cabin Beds

Cabin beds belong to the bunk family and can either have mid sleeper bed along with cabins underneath as well as on the sides of the bed. Cabin beds also feature a loft bed with a full in-built wardrobe and a desk for hundred percent functionality.

Cabin Beds

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  • Increased storage options.
  • Multipurpose uses.
  • Safety guardrails.
  • Great storage options.
  • Space and storage efficient.


  • The quality and assembling of the bed are not good.

#4 Beds With Desk

These are single bunk beds offering an in-built desk as well with them. The desk can be easily shifted under the bed without occupying much floor space. This bed also features drawers and shelves on its either side for maximum utilization of the space.

Beds With Desk

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  • Bed with an in-built desk.
  • Great storage capacity.
  • Easy assembling of the bed.
  • The bed is well guarded with safety rails to prevent any falls.


  • The wood is a little flexible.
  • Some instructions are not clear.

#5 Futon Beds

This is a recent invention among beds and is suitable for both sitting and sleeping without creating clutter on the bed. The bed is placed above the bed with some trundle drawers below the futon for easy storage.

Futon Beds

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  • A bed for both sitting and sleeping.
  • Less clutter on the bed.
  • Good storage options.
  • Organised room.
  • The bed has safety guardrails.


  • The product doesn’t include a detailed description and is difficult to assemble.

So these were some of the beds which offer great storage with style and prove out to be space-efficient as well. To learn more about beds with storage do visit our main page and view plenty of such beds catering everyone’s requirements with a dash of creativity.

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