Best Teen Beds For Girls/Beds for Teenage Girls – Design & Ideas

Teenage or also known as adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood.

Teen Beds For Girls Beds for Teenage Girls

While entering this phase teenagers start developing tastes totally different from others. Their thought process turns out to be distinct. Their choices take a different turn altogether.

So, if you are planning to buy a bed for your teenagers don’t forget to know their choices and interests.

The bedroom of a teenager is a very personal space for them. So you need to choose wisely keeping their preferences and comfort in mind.

Considerations Before Buying a Teen bed For Girls

  • A teen bed is more of a personal choice for all teenagers.
  • With the new sense of independence and personal style, they want to have a strong opinion about everything related to them.
  • The key to an ideal teen bed is a combination of functionality and design.
  • Opt for Mid-sleeper or Loft beds with desk if you are looking for space and storage efficient beds as well.
  • Because your children are in a growing state, size becomes a major factor before purchasing a teen bed.
  • Accessories their room with beanbags, cushions and rugs to add richness to the colorful theme.
  • Add fairy lights or standing lights other than the usual lighting system.
  • A most important aspect of teenager’s room is to keep it tidy and organised. Add bookshelves, cabins or drawers underneath the bed or beside it to add more storage as “more is always less” for them.

Best Teen Beds For Girls/Beds for Teenage Girls

Here are some of the beds your teenage girls would love to resort.

#1 Platform/Sleigh Beds for Teenage Girls

Platform beds though simple add a vintage vibe to the teen girl. She can either keep it simple or decorate it with all the vintage stuff she has collected till date or hired it from you.

Platform Sleigh Beds for Teenage Girls

They impart a classic vibe to the room. You can go for different materials like wood or metal as per the look of the bed. Curtains can also be added at the ends of the metal bed to enhance the theme with corresponding color choices.

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#2 Panel Beds for Teenage Girls

These can be either twin or full beds. They have panels fixed on both the ends of the bed for some extra definition and space. They are usually in the wooden finish with metal nobs for timeless style.

Panel Beds for Teenage Girls

The soft colors of the bed make it look sophisticated and provide a soothing atmosphere to your girl imparting her calmness to study.

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#3 Beds With Storage for Teenage Girls

These beds are also available in twin and full sizes. They can be in any form like platform or panel or even bunk for that matter. There are drawers or little cabinets underneath the bed space and can be utilized for various purposes to save some space and make their room clutter-free.

Beds With Storage for Teenage Girls

Storage bed is a good option if your girl is a neat freak so that she can organise her things well in these storage‘s. She can create a personal theme with such beds according to her preferences.

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#4 Low Loft Beds With Cabinets for Teenage Girls

Loft beds are very popular among teenagers. They have multipurpose uses and can be styled into any theme according to their preference. For a well-organised teenage girl, this bed is perfect. The under space of the bed is occupied with cabinets and drawers.

Low Loft Beds With Cabinets for Teenage Girls

You don’t need extra storage capacities other than the one already provided in the bed. The cabinet section can fit in her clothes and the drawers can be used for all the important as well as petty stuff. The shelves, as well as the loft bed, is totally at her disposal for decoration, to create her own magical little world.

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#5 Loft Beds With Desk for Teenage Girls

Desk, a very important aspect of school life, be it a working one or studying, it always remains a part of life. Budding scholars, entrepreneurs or any High-School teenager needs to have a private desk.

Loft Beds With Desk for Teenage Girls

And nowadays girls are no less and aspire for a brighter future. They need to have a study in the room. So, without opting for a separate desk one can go for an in-built desk. Here loft bed with the desk becomes an appropriate choice for your girl.

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#6 Canopy Beds for Teenage Girls

Be it a toddler, child or a teenager, canopy beds never go out of fashion for them. Yes, of course, they don’t seem to be too kiddish now, but some girls do wish for canopy beds in their teenage.

Canopy Beds for Teenage Girls

They have a more matured structure like the one made with metal with a simple canopy without going for the bling ones. Storage can also be added to such beds without disrupting the basic canopy theme. Twin, as well as a full bed, goes well with this theme.

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#7 Sporty Beds for Teenage Girls

What if you have a little sports player in the house? The one who hates these bling princesses and admires Ronald. Girls have different choices and if she moves on a different track you find it hard to know her choices and how to get along with her.

Sporty Beds for Teenage Girls

But yes if she is a sports girl she would definitely go well with her dad. To please this sports player you ought to buy her a bed according to her favorite sport. Suppose if it is football, then this goal post bed is totally apt and she would surely give a tough competition to all those boys there.

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#8 Antique Beds for Teenage Girls

Some teenagers also prefer antique beds to suit their decor. Especially girls have this love for antiques. They want to decorate their whole room with such things. The bed is a major part of a room so they look out for the metal, antique dark bronze finished bed to suit well the decor.

Antique Beds for Teenage Girls

They can overall create this theme further by embellishing particular antique finished goods like photographs, chandelier, etc or some specific masterpieces from around the world.

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#9 Classic Paneled Beds for Teenage Girls

If your girl is inclined towards traditional classic designs, this would be the best option for her. The panel, details of some exclusive classic or cathedral designs to make it eye-catching.

Classic Panelled Beds for Teenage Girls

The other room attributes like chest drawers, wardrobe, shelves, etc. are detailed in the same manner as that of the bed. Classic beds can also accompany little storage’s under the bed too. They turn out to be a perfect retreat for her by calming and soothing her.

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#10 Themed Bunk Beds for Teenage Girls

Bunk beds have always been a favorite among youngsters. If you have Twins or just siblings with similar interests this would be a good option. Even if you have a single girl, sleepovers with best friends are a must for them.

Themed Bunk Beds for Teenage Girls

The bunk can be applied any theme by her, after all, it is completely her personal space. You can also add storage beneath the bed to make it space and storage efficient.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To Best Teen Beds For Girls/Beds for Teenage Girls:

Question 1. What should a teenage girl’s bedroom include?


A teenager’s bedroom is an expression of who they are. They are design-conscious and are updated of all the latest trends. They take their bedroom as a mini, self-contained apartment wherein they can comfortably spend their time. You can include some statement pieces to make their room look attractive as well as aligned with their personality. You can add on a hanging chair, fish-tank, round bed, a faux fur rug, creative storage options, etc.

Question 2. What’s the best color for a teenage girl’s bedroom?


Teenagers love to experiment with colors. You should let them choose any color to be it bright, unconventional combinations, etc. Girls are more fascinated towards shades of orange, lilac, purple, pink, lavender, blue, purple or even black.

Question 3. How can a teenage girl’s bedroom be organised?


A teenager’s room can be all mess if not taken care of properly. When they reach to a cleaning day, they should keep in mind certain things like mapping their room out again for a faster organisation, clean out all the stuff, giveaway anything which is not needed or wanted anymore, all the dirty clothes should be put out in a basket, organised the clean ones and organised the room well by placing all the things at their particular places. All of this will help in better organisation of their room for a longer period of time.

Question 4. What type of bed is the best for teenagers?


The choice of bed for teenagers is totally subjective. You should either take them along for the purchase of their bed or take down their requirements so that you can choose the best for them. Some basic requirements apart from their personal choices are storage’s, good lighting and well-aligned accessories. Storage is something you should not compromise for their room, it will make their room look more organised and tidy. You can also go for bunk beds if they like sleepovers or loft beds with desks for easy working and studying.

These were some of the beds for your teenage girls. Hope you like the article and don’t forget to first know their interests and preferences before buying a bed, because it is a part of their personal space and they would definitely want it to be the best and indulging.

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