Best Triple Bunk Beds – Buyer’s Guide, Types, Ideas & Reviews

Triple bunk beds belong to the regular bunk lineage. Unlike normal bunks, they are three in number and offer more sleeping individual space.

Triple bunk beds

Triple bunks do not occupy much of the space but rather increases the overall space for usage. With Triple bunks, storage and space are rather more easy and greater in size.

Triple bunks can comfortably sleep three people in the same room just by layering up. They are three beds stacked on top of one another.

Types of Triple Bunk Beds

#1 The triple-decker

This is the most common type of triple bunk bed and is easily available. It’s 3 beds stacked on top of one another.

#2 L-Shape, 2 up 1 down

This bed is ideal as a triple bunk bed because it offers an in-built desk or wardrobe with great storage. It also offers two sleeping spaces at the top so it makes the bedtime procedure easy for you as well.

#3 L-Shape, 1 up 2 down

The bed is ideal for corner spaces and for children who feel claustrophobic. They turn out to be great space savers in the room.

#4 Triple decker full

It comprises of three full beds stacked on top of one another. They are usually not preferred due to its size and safety.

#5 Extended and partial ladder

With the partial ladder, the child has to climb to the third bunk as the ladder is only accessible till the second bunk. And in another case, the extended ladder reaches out to the third bunk as well with no need of climbing with all safety features.

#6 Trundle bed

Trundle beds are channelled below the lower bunk and can be pulled out when needs to be used. They don’t occupy extra space and serves as an easy extra bed option.

Advantages Of Triple Bunk Beds

#1 Space saver

Placing three separate beds side by side or across the room will definitely occupy a lot more space than three beds stacked on top of one another. By adding triple bunk beds you even get a lot of room space for storage such as wardrobes, shelves, etc. Children get a lot of space for playing as well in their room only.

Space Savers

#2 As a Play-set

Often these triple bunk beds are transformed into any imaginative play-set for the children. It opens their imaginative creative doors and encourages them with a variety of game-plays.

As a playset

#3 Advantage of an extra bed

Triple bunk beds also goes well if you have just two kids. Because firstly there will be fewer fights for the upper bunk and then secondly sleepovers will be easier to manage.

Advantage of an extra bed

#4 Three kids to a single room

Parents with limited space for their children can go for this bed. Buying separate beds will obviously cost you more firstly and then space being an issue will create more problems. Instead, you can go for L-shaped triple bunk beds to save both pace and money and moreover increasing storage.

Three kids to a single room

#5 Additional storage

You can also go for bunk beds with additional in-built storage such as drawers underneath the lower bunk or shelves or cabinets for an organised room.

Additional storage

Disadvantages of Triple Bunk Beds

#1 Child safety

Safety with bunk beds is the biggest concern so opt for bunk beds with stairs rather tan ladders for safe and easy movement. Don’t let your child reach out to the top bunk until six years of age.

Child safety

#2 Clearance space

Often with triple bunks clearance space becomes an issue. So it is always advised to measure the room as well as the bed before choosing the bed to ensure that there is enough vertical clearance.

Clearance space

#3 Assembly

Bunk beds due to their sizes, comes flat packed. So many times, it becomes tricky to assemble them and may take hours. If you are assembling it yourself you need to carefully look at the instructions and go step by step for easy arrangement of the bed.


#4 Navigating the ladder at night

With these high bunk beds, movement becomes a problem. So a night light becomes necessary in your child’s room for safety in and out movement from the bed and to avoid any falls.

Navigating The Ladder At Night

#5 Making the beds

Unfortunately making the upper bunk bed is always a task. Instead, use a fitted bed-sheet and a duvet tucked in at the foot of the bed for manageable bed making.

Making the beds

Guide For Choosing The Best Triple Bunk Bed

#1 Safety Precautions

Safety is the foremost thing to look at while choosing a bunk bed. Choose the beds wisely with strong safety guardrails to prevent any fallout’s and easy movement.

#2 Material

Apart from the color, size or appearance the other most important thing to look at is the material of the bed. Wood is the most favorable material than metal because of its durability and design. Metal beds are pricey and are contemporary and commercial. They are often sharp, slippery or cold totally unfavorable for children.

#3 Measure The Room Size

Before going for any beautiful bed first measure the room size so that it supports the chosen bed. The height of the bed also matters because if you don’t measure the room accurately, the child may hurt itself while standing.

#4 Accessibility

The methods of accessing the bed also play a key role while selecting a bed for your kid. You need to be sure which method will be both safe and easy for your child to access their bed.

#5 Functional And Stylish

As parents, it becomes your duty to create your children’s living space both useful and innovative. You should think about beds that offer multipurpose uses such as in-built storage or desk or even a trundle bed.

Ideas for triple bunk beds

#1 L-Shaped Triple bunk bed

This modern bunk bed offers space for three people in a peculiar corner design to save up the room space while adding a vougish touch to the room.

L Shaped Triple bunk bed

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  • Unique L-Shaped corner design.
  • Sturdy metal slatted guardrails.
  • Full metal constructions for lasting endurance.
  • Overall sturdy product.
  • The weight limit is 200lbs per day.


  • Not all product parts were labelled.
  • The bed has minor imperfections.

#2 3-Tier L-shaped 1 up, 2 down bunk bed

This three-tier bed offers sleeping space for three children and conserves a major portion of the available room space. This one is ideal for people or children who are claustrophobic or for rooms with a low ceiling. You can add storages below the lower bunk for a better organisation of the room.

3-Tier L-shaped 1 up 2 down bunk bed

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  • Transitional style.
  • 3-bed bunk bed.
  • Attached ladder.
  • Super easy to build.
  • Perfect for small bedrooms and limited space.


  • No cons yet.

#3 L-shaped 2 up, 1 down triple bunk bed

This L-shaped triple bunk has a corner design and saves a lot of space. This bed comes with additional in-built storage such as a study desk and shelves. It works as a workstation in a studio apartment for multiple people or for school going children.

L shaped 2 up 1 down triple bunk bed

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  • L-shaped triple twin bunk bed.
  • Workstation with shelves.
  • Two ladder styles.
  • Easy assembling of the product.


  • No cons yet.

#4 Triple Bunk Bed

This bed features 3 sizes in a single bed. It starts from twin as the upper bunk and then goes down as queen and then lastly full as the lower bunk. Industrial in style, it has a unique well-rounded metal piping design. The bed has sturdy slatted metal guardrails with panel accents.

Triple Bunk Bed

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  • Created from durable metal.
  • Features a bold metal piping design.
  • Sturdy guardrails with panel accents.
  • A fixed-step ladder for easy access.
  • Spacious 28 inches upper bed clearance.


  • Assembly required.

#5 Twin bunk with trundle bed

The bed is constructed of durable pine wood for strength. This twin over twin bed also features a trundle bed making itself a triple bed for you and can be pulled out whenever required. The twin beds can be separated and used as individual beds also.

Twin bunk bed with trundle bed

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  • The bed has a sturdy finish.
  • The instructions are well written and all the hardware parts fit easily.
  • There is a lot oh headroom between the bunks.


  • Some consumers complained about the bad quality of the product.
  • For some the ladder snapper after few weeks and even the bed wobbles.
  • Assembly of the product was a big problem for some.

So these were some of the bunk beds with sleeping space for three also known as triple-decker or triple bunk beds. To learn more about such beds visit our main page.

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