Best Children’s Trundle Beds – Types, Guide, Ideas & Reviews

If you are low on space for your child’s room and want to opt for beds that are safe, you should rather go for trundle beds. They work perfectly for those who want to maximize the floor space but avoid potential falls off a bunk bed. A trundle bed is a good option when you have limited floor space in the bedroom or if there are constant sleepovers hosted by your kids.

Trundle Beds

The extra bedding space which is provided serves everyone with comfort.​Basically, a trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that you store under the bed frame of the main bed. The extra mattress can be hidden during the day and can be rolled out when it’s in use. This method maximizes the available floor space. Some trundle beds stay low to the ground, while others can pop up to be equal in height with the matching bed. Trundle beds work the best for children and are great for fun sleepovers, for visiting family and friends, or two children who share a room.

Trundle beds are generally priced higher than usual beds because you are buying a bed frame with two places to sleep instead of one.

Types/Style Of Trundle Beds

#1 Day Beds

These beds are bed frames that have three sides so that they look similar to a couch or a lounging area. They look fascinating when placed along long walls and tend to look elegant. Day beds can also be used as couches in the living room, you just need to add some pillows to bring out its overall getup.

Day beds can be easily transformed into trundle beds if there is space underneath the bed frame for another mattress to hide. They can be easily switched when needed.

#2 Sleigh Beds

These beds have a headboard and foot-board that slightly curl out so that your bed somewhat resembles a sleigh. Sleigh beds are usually taller bed frames so you can easily add a trundle bed or buy one already equipped with a trundle bed.

#3 Captain Beds

These beds utilize space by providing ample storage capabilities in the form of drawers or shelving space in the headboard. These beds work best for small rooms or studio apartments. They are generally little high beds so you should go for a bed that is already equipped with a trundle bed. They are available in twin, full and even queen sizes.

#4 Bunk Beds

Bunk beds incorporated with trundle beds creates much sleeping space especially the full-size ones. They are perfect for children who regularly host sleepovers or if you have limited space but frequented by guests, or if you are sharing a studio apartment. The method of access to this bed should be ensured for its durability beforehand.

#5 Basic Style

These basic styled trundle beds are generally a little higher than low bed frame on wheels with no extra sophistication. They do a great job but leaves the sleeper almost on the ground.

#6 Pop-Up Style

If you want the sleeper to be raised from the ground go for a pop-up trundle. When pulled out, the lower bed just “pop-ups” with the help of a spring or by the manual operation to be at the same height as the bed and is stored beneath, creating a regular height bed.

#7 Drawer Style

Some beds feature a specially designed “drawer” to contain the trundle and hides away neatly underneath the main bed when not in use.

Advantages Of Trundle Beds

#1 An Extra Bed

By attaching trundle bed to any bed you are increasing the sleeping space tactfully without occupying the available floor space.

An Extra Bed

#2 Space Saver

Trundle beds are great space savers as firstly, they are easily pushed in the underneath space available of the main bed and secondly, during sleepovers, it acts as an extra bed and reduces your worries regarding space for extra people.

Space Saver

#3 Ideal for Families With Space Constraints

Families who have limited space and more members can easily go for trundle beds because it is difficult for many people to accommodate on a full or a twin bed. By adding trundle beds can adjust more people on the same bed without occupying more space in the room.

Ideal For Families With Space Constraints

#4 As A Storage Drawer

A trundle bed can be easily transformed into great storage space when not in use by just removing the mattress of the bed and using it just as a general storage drawer.

As A Storage Drawer

#5 Variety In Sizes, Colors And Materials

Trundle beds are available in an array of sizes and designs according to your needs. There is a wide selection of colors and materials available assisting you to easily choose the most suitable one according to your preferences. Trundle beds are usually preferred over other types of beds as they add more functionality to yours and your child’s room.

Variety-In Sizes Colours And Materials

Disadvantages of Trundle Beds

#1 Precise Bed Frame

While purchasing a trundle bed, the underneath frame should be purchased at the same time as the upper frame so as to ensure a correct and proper support system.

Precise Bed Frame

#2 Restricting Mattress And Sheets Choice

The mattress size of the lower trundle frame must be purchased to accommodate the smaller trundle size restricting the purchaser’s mattress choices for lower mattresses thereby also creating the need for special-sized sheets.

Restricting Mattress And Sheets Choice

#3 No Box Springs

Neither the upper bedding nor the unit underneath will have box springs due to the physical necessity of storing one section under another section.

No Box Springs

#4 Unsuitability

Due to the logistics of stacking two beds in one space, both beds will have thinner mattresses making it unsuitable for your children.


Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing A Trundle Bed

#1 Size

The size of the trundle bed should be in accordance with the size of the room. You should keep in mind that the trundle bed will open when it is to be used so it needs that necessary amount of space except the side space.

#2 Material

Metal and wood both work well for trundle beds. You should just ensure the durability, ease of cleaning and safety.

#3 Usage Of Trundle

If the trundle bed is used regularly or has a more frequent usage then opt for pop-up bed which offers good support.

#4 Cost

Trundle beds are generally priced higher than regular beds as you are purchasing two sleeping places in a single bed frame. They are resistant, comfortable, attractive and of high utility, so if you pay a little extra they’ll definitely be worth of all that money.

#5 Research

You should always check the internet for reviews if you plan on buying something online. You should go from shop to shop and research everything you need to know about trundle beds.

Ideas for Trundle Beds

#1 Twin Over Full Bunk With Trundle Bed

This bunk bed is structured in such a way that it provides you with maximum sleeping space. This bunk consists of a full bed at the bottom and a twin at the top, and then in addition to this is a trundle bed underneath the lower bunk. The bed frame is constructed of solid pinewood. It is very durable and can bear the weight of toddlers to teens.

Twin Over Full Bunk With Trundle Bed

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  • The bed is sturdy and supports the children’s weight well.
  • The instructions for assembly are clear.
  • Even the organisation of the bed is simple.
  • Great headroom space between the bunks.


  • Few buyers complained about the quality of the bed and marked it as cheap.
  • The ladder snapped and the bed itself was wobbly for some.

#2 Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With A Trundle 

This bed not only offers extra sleeping space but also offers you with good storage options and safety stairs instead of a ladder. The headboard also has storage options keeping all your things of regular use in place. This bed is perfect if your children love to host sleepovers. You get both extra sleeping space and storage space for better organisation.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With A Trundle

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  • Sturdy and well constructed from solid wood.
  • Assembly is really easy and the instructions are clear.
  • The weight capacity for the upper bunk is 180 lbs and for the lower bunk is 250 lbs.
  • Great in-built storage.


  • There were a few complaints regarding the stability of the bed.

#3 All In One Loft Bed With Trundle Bed

This all in one bed consists of a twin bed and underneath it, there is a full working in-built desk with drawers. The bed also consists of in-built drawers, wardrobe and a trundle bed.

Loft with Trundle Beds

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  • Solid wood construction.
  • It includes a slat kit which makes the bed mattress ready.
  • Twin size trundle bed is included.
  • Great storage options.
  • The directions for assembly are straightforward.
  • The finish of the bed works with all room decors.


  • Few buyers were not happy with the quality of the bed.
  • The wood was damaged for some buyers.
  • The drawers were of flimsy quality as complained by some consumers.

These were some of the trundle beds, do visit our main page to know more about such beds.

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